Sony 2014 4K/UHDTV Prices Leaked

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Sony XBR70X850B 580

The 4K television line that Sony introduced at the recent 2014 CES consists of 3 series (up from 2 last year) with 9 total models. Screen sizes range from 49 inches all the way up to 85 inches. According to a Sony spokesperson, the new sets offer a number of improvements over the 2013 models, including HEVC decoding (for upcoming Netflix 4K streaming), HDMI 2.0 inputs and HDCP 2.2 content protection.

On the features front, the big picture quality news includes a return to full-array LED backlighting with true local dimming on the XBR 950 Series, and X-tended Dynamic Range Pro processing, a feature that delivers up to 3 times the brightness range of regular displays on both the 900 and 950 Series models.

More information plus prices after the break.

Another new feature found on the 900 Series is a wedge-shaped frame that increases the internal volume of the TV for improved audio dynamic range.

On the pricing front, we find the under-$9000 cost for the 79-inch model intriguing. This is the first 4K TV with a 79-inch screen size, and it represents a huge price drop compared with Sony’s 85-inch X950 model($25K). Could 79-inch-plus UHDTVs constitute a new “Luxury Television” category? Perhaps. What we do know is that a screen this size can really bring out the detail in 4K content—it’s something you need to experience first-hand.

The 2014 Sony 4K TVs will start shipping to dealers by June.

850 Series

XBR-49X850B (49-inch): $2199.99

XBR-55X850B (55-inch): $2999.99

XBR-65X850B (65-inch): $4499.99

XBR-70X850B (70-inch): $5999.99

Features: 4K Ultra HD display, HD content upscaled to 4K, 3D, Triluminos wider color gamut reproduction, HDMI 2.0 support for next-gen 4K players and streaming services, built-in Wi-Fi.

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 Sony XBR-55X900B 580

900 Series

XBR-55X900B (55-inch) $3999.99

XBR-65X900B (65-inch) $5499.99

XBR-79X900B (79-inch ) $8999.99

Features: 4K Ultra HD display, HD content upscaled to 4K, 3D, Wedge TV design with front-facing speakers, X-tended Dynamic Range for up to 2x brightness range, Triluminos wider color gamut reproduction, HDMI 2.0 support for next-gen 4K players and streaming services, built-in Wi-Fi.

Sony XBR65X950B 580

950 Series

XBR-65X950B (65-inch) $7999.99

XBR-85X950B (85-inch) $24,999.99

Features: 4K Ultra HD display, HD content upscaled to 4K, 3D, X-tended Dynamic Range Pro with up to 3x brightness range, Triluminos wider color gamut reproduction, HDMI 2.0 support for next-gen 4K players and streaming services, built-in Wi-Fi.


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  • tony

    tv prices

    Tony, Tony Tony,

    The post above has prices and info. We don’t understand why you are asking. Repeating the request does not help.

    HD Guru

  • tony

    want tv info

  • tony

    tv info

  • Jon

    Are those for used TVs? Here in Mexico 1080p TVs are more expensive than that

  • V

    900 series XKB 79 inch stand out yes ok and please

  • shedrick Johnson

    Those prices is still out of some consumer reach. If they won’t these technology to excel they need to put those prices better than that are people will continue to look the other way.

  • HiSense 75 & 85" H9 Series May Be Answer

    I’m keeping track of 4K displays and almost missed the ideally sized 75″ and 85″ Hisense to be sold in Q3. They offer 3D, unlike Vizio.
    The Hisense U-LED (Ultimate-LED) technology includes several elements, including advanced backlight control, Hi-View imaging engine, broad-spectrum backlight, and a proprietary technology to improve the transmissivity between the backlight and color filters. Another feature is called Smart Peaking, a proprietary algorithm that controls the voltage applied to the LCD module to control response time.
    The 55″ (2D only) is $1500 at Costco and is quit nice, but you cannot work with it up close as the black level varies and the 30Hz mouse action is too unresponsive.

  • Justin

    I have the current 900a 65 inch 4K TV and it handles 60hz content just fine. The recent HDMI 2.0 update also supports 60hz at 4k resolution natively

  • Richard

    Vizio does sell TV sets at Best Buy so I think the 65 inch Vizio R panel TV set is going to be sold at that store when it does comes out.

    The 120 inch R panel TV set will most likely be sold online at Vizio,.com if it even does comes out.

  • Korra

    Do you know the UK price of the XBR-85X950B? And why is there such a huge price gap between the 85″ and 65″? Thanks.

  • Rick

    Would love to know the price of the W950B tv.


    Go to Sony 2014 HDTV Prices

    HD Guru

  • Ash

    Sony promised aggressive pricing. Is that aggressive pricing?, more like, premium pricing. Guess we will have to wait for Vizio Reference series pricing.

    We highly doubt you will see the Vizio Reference series products this year (if ever) Why? Here are two reasons:

    Dolby Vision is and end-to-end system meaning the content needs to be encoded when mastered to be displayed. To date, there is no content provider that has announced it will incorporate the meta data required for the system, and we do not expect it this year.

    A 65-inch 4K display with full backlight local dimming is expensive to build. Consider the price of the Sony ($8K). Even if the Vizio is 30% less expensive it would still sell for $5,600. Vizio’s distribution model is Wal-mart, Target, and warehouse clubs. Wal-mart doesn’t sell in-store any TVs over $2000. They do not have the customer base to sell any expensive TVs. Ditto for BJs, Sam’s Club and Target.

    HD Guru

  • Claudio

    Any news about the supported frame frequency? 4K @ 30fps is not an option and internal upscaling from 30 to 60 doesnt work. Do these TV sets provide native 60Hz frame frequency?

  • John

    Crazy Prices and no 4k content.

    Looking forward to see Toshiba L5400 or even better the full array local dimming 1080p set L7400.

    If you get any news or if you can review them it would be fantastic.

    Thank you.

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