Sonus faber announced Tuesday it has added two models to its popular Lumina speaker collection — the Lumina II bookshelf and new flagship towers, the Lumina V.

Both models offer what the company calls a balanced combination of the ability to satisfy both stereo and multi-channel system listening.

The Sonus faber Lumina II and Lumina V were developed to reach “an even wider audience with the need for higher power, especially in relation to larger environments,” the company said.

First introduced to the market in September of 2020, the Lumina collection was developed with the aim of presenting “a complete sensory experience boasting the voice of Sonus faber.”

The Lumina additions maintain the design simplicity of the previous models, that share a minimalist aesthetic that is attractive visually as well as acoustically.

The speakers are constructed using a multi-layer wood baffle and are available in three finishes: matte wood finishes Walnut and Wenge with Maple inlays and the classic Piano Black. The cabinet is outfitted in black leather, true to Sonus faber’s traditional product line.

Sonus faber Lumina II bookshelf speakers in three finishes.

The Lumina II is the second bookshelf speaker in the collection, next to the Lumina I, with a larger volume and 150mm mid-woofer. The Lumina II model maintains a compact and versatile design for placement in a bookcase or shelving unit. It can also be positioned on a stand as a rear channel in a home theater system.

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“The Lumina II enriches the range of two-way speakers in the Lumina family, offering a perfect solution for a small system, while also able to fill any room with sound,” the company said.

The second addition, the Lumina V, stands as the new flagship of the collection. The new three-way floor standing model features new electro-acoustic solutions including:

Lute Shape mid-hi internal chamber
The internal mid-high volume is designed with iconic lute shape, a unique feature created by Sonus
faber and main characteristic for the brand since its inception in the 1990’s. This feature is said to maximize the structural rigidity and the acoustic performance of the midrange and simultaneously reduce standing waves within the acoustic load volume.

Hybrid IFF Crossover – Paracross Topology
The mid-high crossover network “Hybrid IFF – Paracross Solution” range combines Interactive Fusion Filtering, first introduced in the Maxima Amator, with the Paracross Topology, where reactive components (capacitors and inductors/coils) are placed on the negative rail of the circuitry, according to Sonus faber. The result is a reduction in the drivers’ back Electro Motive Force (EMF), allowing them to operate in a maximally interconnected and organic way, and lowering of crossover sensitivity to radio frequencies, further improving sound definition.

Providing more emphasis and substance to action scenes, dialog and soundtracks, Lumina pairs with the Gravis subwoofer models I, II and III, which feature matching finishes and materials, the company said.

In addition, those wishing to optimize space might be interested in Sonus faber’s Palladio collection of custom-installed speakers offering discreet and elegant design solutions.

The Lumina, Gravis and Palladio lines are all engineered offer a natural sound with clean designs, the company said.

The complete Lumina Collection, including the new Lumina II and Lumina V, will be available through authorized Sonus faber distributors beginning this month.

Retail prices for the Lumina line are as follows:

  • Lumina V: $2,800
  • Lumina III: $2,199
  • Lumina II: $1,200
  • Lumina I: $899
  • Lumina Center: $699

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By Greg Tarr

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