Owners of acclaimed Sonos ARC Dolby Atmos-supporting soundbars looking to aesthetically mount the unit in tight proximity to a big-screen television display, can now purchase a custom-tailored solution that doesn’t sacrifice any tonal performance.

Next Level Acoustics is now shipping its Elite Enclosure for the Sonos ARC for 65-inch and larger flat-panel displays. The uniquely designed enclosure features an MDF and Baltic Birch construction that allows for streamlined installation using the company’s UM1 bracket or direct to wall mounting options.

The Elite Series for the Sonos ARC incorporates the company’s high-design aesthetics and build quality that preserves the Dolby Atmos performance from the Sonos ARC’s upward-firing speakers.

The suggested retail prices for the Elite Sonos ARC mounting solutions range from $799 to $1,199, depending upon size and finishes, according to the South Windsor, CT-based company.

Next Level said that the Elite Enclosure enables a flush installation of the soundbar, which would normally cause sound waves for effects like Dolby Atmos height channels to be impeded by the underside of the display. The precision engineered solution preserves all of the 3D surround sound characteristics the Sonos ARC was designed to deliver.

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Next Level said that’s because its Elite Series enclosures install “a precisely calculated grooved reflector panel that directs the upward-firing speaker’s sound waves out the front-facing grille allowing for unobstructed Atmos functionality.”

Other features of the Elite Enclosure include: side reflectors positioned inside the enclosure to re-focus the Sonos ARC’s side-firing drivers back towards the listening position; and use of strategically placed sound-dampening material to minimize acoustic turbulence.

The Next Level Acoustics Elite Enclosure grille is engineered to wrap around a TV’s infrared receiver or logo badge on the bottom edge of the screen for a custom look that doesn’t interfere with device operation. 

The installation measures: 6.96 (H) x 5.15 (D) inches x custom length of the soundbar application. It will accommodate 65-inch screen sizes and larger, Next Level said, and is available in high-gloss piano black / matte black finishes with additional finishes available upon request.

The design allows for an installation that is flush to the bottom of the display and leverages an interior main reflector panel that re-focuses top-firing speakers out the front-facing grille for intended Atmos performance.

Using the main reflector panel carrying strategically engineered grooves directs the top firing speaker sound waves away from the Sonos ARC without any reflection back, the company assures.

Other features include:
• Elite Series tapered side profile
• A removable magnetic grille partially inset for additional structural integrity
• Mesh weave grille material supporting full IR pass-through
• IR grille notches available free of charge
• Dual cable management access points (top and back)
• MDF and Baltic Birch construction
• Streamlined installation using the UM1 bracket or direct to wall mounting options

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By Greg Tarr

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