For those interested in picking up an LG smart video projector and would like to use it to stream Netflix content, it might be worth your while to ensure the particular model has the streaming service’s app available out of the box.

The company told us certain LG projectors don’t support the Netflix app, or didn’t support it at launch, requiring users to use Miracast with a mobile device, add on a streaming media adapter or connect a video game player or PC to get the popular service’s programming on the display device.

LG Electronics said that certain of its smart projectors running the proprietary webOS smart streaming platform don’t ship with the popular Netflix Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) streaming app that is a staple on most streaming operating systems (OS’s) offered on smart TVs today, including all of LG’s connected flat panel TVs.

The news was somewhat surprising to us given that LG Electronics was Netflix’s earliest streaming hardware partner, offering the first Netflix app in the first connected disc players. LG also has long offered Netflix apps in connected TVs and Netflix Certified streaming TV models.

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The company advised us of the issue recently upon the introduction of the new LG CineBeam PF610P projector offering built-in webOS smart TV functionality.

According to a company spokesman responding to our query: “LG’s projectors feature some slight differences in webOS content providers compared to other LG products. For example, LG’s TV webOS includes Netflix as a streaming service.

“Additionally, LG’s webOS content provider offerings differ within LG’s projectors as well. For example, while the HU810 P, AU810P, and PF610P all use webOS 5.0, only the HU810P and AU810P support Netflix.”

The LG HU810P and AU810P didn’t offer Netflix at launch, but support for the streaming service was added a couple of months ago, the company said.

“While there aren’t currently any plans to integrate Netflix into the PF610P’s webOS streaming service providers, there is a chance it may be added later,” the company said.

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By Greg Tarr

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