Skyworth disclosed this week that its first 65-inch “transformable OLED” display, model W82, which goes from a flat to curved screen configuration with the push of a button, has been named a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Winner.

The “world’s first mass-produced transformable OLED TV,” as Skyworth bills it, was announced among a batch of Innovation Awards winners released by the Consumer Technology Association ahead of CES 2022, Jan 5-8th.

Skyworth said the W82 is based on transformable OLED Basic Module (OBM) technology produced at its China-based facility.

The company has been a partner with LG Display on OLED basic module production at a shared China OLED module fab for several years, but Skyworth adds its own technology enhancements and feature sets to modules and TV models it builds and sells for both the China domestic and overseas markets.

“Thanks to Skyworth’s proprietary OLED Basic Module (OBM) Transform Technology, the Skyworth W82 allows users to adjust the 4K 120Hz OLED screen from flat to curved with a curvature up to 1000R with a click of the remote, making it perfect for home entertainment,” the product announcement said.

“…Supported by Dolby Vision, HDR10, Skyworth AI Picture Quality Engine (4K Version) and Skyworth Audio Drum, the 65-inch TV delivers a superior and immersive audio-visual experience,” the company’s announcement further stated.

LG Display and others have shown curved OLED display monitors in the past to provide users with a more immersive viewing experience sitting up close to the screen, as users tend to do during video game play.

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Skyworth’s transformable OLED implementation would be the first product that gives users a choice to go back and forth between a lean-forward immersive gaming experience and a more passive lean-back TV viewing approach.

No mention was made of pricing or distribution plans at this time.

The company said the W82 was submitted for award consideration in two different product categories including “Gaming” and “Video Displays”.

Skyworth said it will be showcasing the W82 at an offsite product showcase at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casio and at the CTA’s Innovation Awards booth #52952, Halls A-C, in The Venetian Expo, during CES 2022.

Skyworth, historically, has used CES to showcase advanced high-end television models and designs in the past, but its strategy for its U.S. products thus far has centered on value-focused LED-LCD and OLED based Android TVs rather than its global flagship pieces. The company did not disclose whether its U.S. product plans for 2022 will be expanded to include the W82 Transformable OLED display.

Tony Wang, chairman of Skyworth TV, said: “We are honored to be acknowledged as one of the best in two competitive product categories in the CES 2022 Innovation Awards. We are extremely proud of the Skyworth W82 and our product design and engineering teams for their explorative spirit, perseverance, and pursuit of excellence to create this technologically advanced product. We will continue to be a driving force for innovation in the TV industry.”

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By Greg Tarr

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