The Society of Information Display’s (SID) show took place last week at the Los Angeles Convention Center. While there was not as many experimental designs as prior years, we were able to view a number of new, cool technology statements. Samsung was the most prolific company displaying new 2012 LCD panels, experimental sequential color backlights and more. Listed below are our favorites.

Like any other prototype, things could get pushed back or stalled out so don’t assume these products will reach market in 2012 or beyond, although a number look production ready.


Transparent LCD Refrigerator Door (photo above)

This is a see-through LCD screen so you can make sure you have enough beer in the house without opening the door, while watching ads or whatever on the screen. The Samsung spokesman was kind enough to open the fridge and prove they were really cold brews inside. We don’t see this as a practical item for the home, but can imagine seeing LCDs in your grocer’s refrigerated food section hawking sales and specials.

70″ Ultra Defintion Oxide Semiconductor 3D TV

Samsung took best in show honors for its UD 70″ LED LCD. By using a oxide semiconductor TFT (thin film transistor) Samsung is able to cram 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution in a 70″ LCD display, an industry first.

Advanced Field Sequential Color Backlight LCD

Instead of red, green and blue color filters in front of sub-pixels as used in every LCD panel (Sharp adds a yellow filter in their Aquos sets) Samsung incorporates a color sequential back light unit (BLU) to create full color using red, green, blue, cyan and white LEDs. If commercialized, sub-pixels would be eliminated as each pixel would represent all colors, making panels less expensive. Sequential color is currently used in front and rear single chip DLP projectors.

Z-Screen Active Panel 3D TVs

We first wrote about this technology last September link. Samsung displayed its latest prototype. Like LGs FPR 3D, the Samsung/RealD design achieves 3D with passive glasses (like the ones you get at the movie theater), however their display is Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, not one-half (1920 x 540) as with the patterned retarder designs. Samsung announced at SID it will be shipping  Active 3D Panel computer monitors followed by a 55″ Full HD 3D TV in 2012.

Samsung VA I and VA II LCD Panels

Samsung showed new LCD panels promising wider viewing angles, faster response time and higher light transmission for more energy efficiency. The VA I is scheduled to be introduced in 2012 and the VA II panel in 2013

Real D Universal Active 3D Glasses

Real D developed an new application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) that allows its active 3D glasses to automatically sync to any infra-red or RF sync TV. A Real D spokesperson said these new glasses may be available later this year through major retailers. Final price is not set yet, but they could come sell for under $50.



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