Sharp this week announced the availability of the LC-70UH1U ($5999.99 UPP), its first Ultra High-definition Television (UHDTV) and the only one sold in the US with a 70-inch screen. The set has 3840 x 2160 native resolution and an LED edge-lit LCD panel, but Sharp also includes a number of UHD firsts. A listing of its exclusive features, along with our first impression, appears after the break. 

The Sharp LC-70UD1U is the first UHDTV with THX 4K Display Certification. While THX will not disclose all of its new tests, they build on the firm’s HDTV certification program. THX states that a UHDTV must pass over 400 tests to be certified. For more on THX check our article here.

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The Sharp also includes the company’s proprietary Revelation 4K upscaler, a dual-core processor than upconverts SD and HD content to the panel’s native UHD resolution in two steps. First, it analyzes the signal and enhances detail. In step two, upconversion is performed, with 3 new pixels created for every native HD pixel.

We were treated in our demo to native UHD content sent to the Sharp via a RED UHD media player. Image uniformity, detail and especially the wide viewing angle (as compared with a number of other UHDTVs we’ve seen) were all impressive. To date, all UHDTVs use LCD panels.

Sharp LC-70UD1U uhd image 580Unretouched photo of LC-70UD1U screen with RED media player providing content


The LC-70UD1U is full of features: 10-bit UHD LCD panel (all others to date are 8-bit), Smart TV with web browser (with dual-core processor and built-in Wi-Fi), 35-watt Duobass audio system. Active 3D, 120 Hz refresh plus scanning backlight, 4 HDMI 1.4 inputs (including 1 with ARC), component video input, 2 composite video inputs, MHL, built-in HDTV tuner, 2 USB inputs, PC input (15 pin D-sub connector), RS-232, Ethernet input. There’s also an optional Bluetooth-powered keyboard and mouse.

Sharp LC-70UD1U jack pack 1 580

We asked a Sharp spokesperson if the HDMI inputs are upgradeable to HDMI 2.0. Their response was that they are looking into it and will have an answer in the near future. We will report Sharp’s plan after it’s announced. The Sharp spokesperson also said the recommended viewing distance for the set is 6 feet.

HD Guru requested a review sample of the LC-70UH1U. Based on our hands-on look we have very high expectations.



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