It seems that the guy in charge of Sharp’s TV division gathered all of his underlings together and screamed “MORE!!!” The second and third exclamation points were audible.

More big, more Quattron, more LED, more Aquomotion, more everything they did last year but MORE.

More, after the jump.

There are three series of TVs, each with multiple models, plus a soundbar that’s notable.

The top of the line 8-Series has the Quattron yellow sub-pixel, features “Super Bright” technology (cause that was a problem with LED LCDs before…), and built-in Wi-Fi with Smart TV features (including a web browser). The 8-Series has a 240 Hz refresh panel, and comes in 60-, 70-, and 80-inch sizes. The 90-inch released last June carries over. The LC-80LE857 and LC-70LE857 will be available in April, the LC-60LE857 in March.

The mid-range 7-Series also has Quattron and 240 Hz, but doesn’t have the Super Bright panel. The other features are basically the same as well. The 80-inch LC-80LE757 ships in May, the LC-70LE757 and LC-60LE757 in April. The LC-60LE755 ships in February. It and its larger brother, the LC-70LE755 (March) don’t have Aquomotion, but are otherwise the same. Also in March are the LC-60C7500 LC-70C7500, but Sharp didn’t explain the difference. They’re likely derivative models.

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The entry-level 6-Series don’t have Quattron, and have 120 Hz. All still have dual-core processors, Wi-Fi, Smart TV, and web browsers, though. The 3D models, LC-60LE657 and

LC-70LE657, will ship in March. The 2D models, LC-60LE650 and LC-70LE650, ship in February. An 80-inch 6-Series, the LC-80LE650, ships in May. The presumed derivative models, LC-60C6500, LC-70C6500, LC-80C6500, all ship in “Q1.”


The HT-SB60 is a logical addition to Sharp’s 2013 offerings. It’s a soundbar designed to work with 60-inch and larger televisions. They claim it’s the only one on the market designed for jumbo TVs, and I think I believe them. It’s a 2-channel bar with a wireless sub and a combined 310 watts, which is pretty decent for a 2.1 soundbar system these days. It can be wall mounted, and the cabinet is brushed aluminum.


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