Sharp 4K

Sharp has announced their 2015 line of Ultra HD “4K” and ultra-huge 1080p LED LCDs. And there are a lot of them.

Lots and lots of info, after the jump.

Many of the new Sharp models feature Sharp’s Quattron and pixel splitting tech. Sharp claims this increases the number of subpixels available to address delivering “167% greater resolution than traditional 4K UHD.” We’ll judge the benefits of this when we put some eyes on the new TVs.

Let’s start with the Ultra HD models.


At the top of the line is the UH30 series, which comes in 70- (LC70UH30, $3,199.99) and 80-inch (LC80UH30, $5,999.99) sizes. Both feature “Spectros” which claims to increase the color gamut, AquoMotion 960 (likely a 120 or possibly 240 Hz refresh with backlight scanning), local dimming, HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2, and THX certification.

Like a few other TVs this year, it’s using Google’s Android TV OS.

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The next step down UE30 series drops the THX and Spectros, and only has “AquoMotion 480”. Three sizes, though, a 60 (LC60UE30, $1,999.99), 70 (LC70UE30, $2,799.99), and 80 (LC80UE30, $5,399.99) .


One down from that is the UB30. Four sizes: 43 (LC43UB30U, $749.99), 50 (LC50UB30U, $999.99), 55 (LC55UB30U, $1,199.99), and 65 (LC65UB30, $2,299.99). Only the 65 has local dimming, and there’s no mention of any increased refresh on any of the UB30 series.

Expect all models this spring.


No pricing or availability were announced with the 1080p models.

At the top of the line is the 70-inch UQ “series” (just the one model). It’s got AquoMotion 480, the Android TV OS, the Q+ pixel splitting.

Next down from that is the EQ series, with 60- and 70-inch models. Edge-lit, no Android, but the refresh is the same as the UQ. No Q+, just “Q” (presumably short for “Quattron.” These also lose the HDMI 2.0/HDCP2.2 the UQ has.

The 660 series has two sizes: 70- and 80-inches. AquoMotion 240, but no Quattron.

One step cheaper is the 653 series, with 32-, 40-, 43-, 48-, 55-, and 65-inch sizes. The two smallest have no increased refresh. The 65 is AquoMotion 240. The rest are AquoMotion 120.


Despite discussing a 90-inch model, none was specified in the details of the release.


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