Sharp 2014 quattron + 580

Continuing their trend of only selling big TVs, Sharp has multiple big 4K TVs, plus an “enhanced” resolution 1080p line, plus their 1080p 80- and 90-inch models like years before.

And if 4K isn’t enough for you, they’re showing 8K. Not just any 8K (which they’ve shown before), but glasses-free 3D 8K.

All that and more, after the jump.

At the top of the line is the Aquos 4K series. There will be 60-inch ($4999.99) and 70-inch ($5,999.99) models, which will both feature 120 Hz refresh, THX certification, and be HDMI 2.0-compliant.

With the next step down, the Quattron+ series, Sharp is doing something different and quite interesting. This series creates a step between 1080p and 4K. Or as Sharp describes it: Q+ televisions feature Sharp’s exclusive Quattron panel and Revelation technology, which divides each pixel, creating two pixels from one, to deliver 16 million subpixels.”

Color us intrigued. Sharp isn’t explicitly saying these TVs have a resolution of 1920 x 2160, and in fact do say they are “built using a 1080p panel.” So we’ll wait to see these in person before we judge. These models will accept, and downconvert, 4K. There are two lines within this series, with the upper UQ sporting AquoMotion 960, and some other higher-end features.

Prices are $2,999.99 for the 60-inch, $5,999.99 for the 80-inch, with the 70-inch somewhere in between those.

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The SQ line of Quattron+ has a 240 Hz panel, and comes in two sizes, a 60-inch ($2,299.99) and a 70-inch ($3,099.99).

In the normal old 1080p products, they’re offering the EQ series, which comes in 60-inch ($1,699.99) and 70-inch ($2,699.99) sizes. They feature a 240 Hz panel and feature Sharp’s extra yellow sub-pixel (Quattron).

Lastly, there’s the LE650, which all have 120 Hz panels, come in 60-,70-, 80-, and 90-inch sizes, with pricing ranging from $1,299.99 to $8,999.99.

Look for all the new TVs this spring.

8K Glasses-Free

Last year Sharp showed an 8K TV. This year it’s 8K with glasses-free 3D tech, developed with Philips and Dolby. Previous examples of glasses-free 3D have been interesting, but severely limited (notably, you can’t move your head). So we’re interested to see this latest version of the tech to see if it can overcome the basic physical problems of glasses-free (namely, the squishy bits looking at it).


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