(November 6, 2010) Sears Black  Friday HDTV Specials are listed below (just click the “Read More”).  Many of the deals are spectacular, the lowest of the year from any retailer  we’ve tracked.  The listings marked with a “*” are “Doorbusters” available only on Friday November 26th from 4am-Noon, and all doorbuster models state “Quantities limited, while supplies last-no rain checks.”

The other models  (without the asterisk)  are available on Friday and Saturday (Nov. 26-27). Sears states in their Black Friday circular you can order these models on-line for in store pick up the same day.

We have also listed the Amazon price with a link on many of the specials. Currently most of the Sears BF prices beat Amazon. We recommend checking back often as Amazon often adjusts their prices to meet competition.

LG 60″ 1080P 600HZ Plasma LG60PK750 – $1,499.99* [amazonify]B0039RW9RS::text::::$1557.99 Amazon free shipping[/amazonify]

Panasonic 32″ 1080P 60HZ LCD TCL32U22 – $399.99 * [amazonify]B00391Z83G::text::::$399.99 Amazon free shipping [/amazonify]

Panasonic 37″ 1080P 60HZ LCD HDTV TCL37U22 – $469.99 *[amazonify]B0039C9GCY::text::::$515.13 Amazon free shipping [/amazonify]

Panasonic 46″ 720P 600HZ Plasma HDTV TCP46C2 – $499.99 *[amazonify]B0036VNQ0Q::text::::$632.28 Amazon free shipping[/amazonify]

Panasonic 50″ 1080p 600Hz Plasma HDTV TC-P50S2 – $799.99 [amazonify]B0036VO7WM::text::::$919.96 Amazon free shipping [/amazonify]

RCA 24″ 1080P 60HZ LED HDTV LED24A45 – $299.99 *

RCA 26″ 720P 60HZ LCD HDTV 26LA30RQD – $299.99 *

Samsung 32″ 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV LN32C350 – $329.99 [amazonify]B0036EH186::text::::$398.00 Amazon free shipping [/amazonify]

Samsung 40″ 1080P 60HZ LCD HDTV LN40C500 – $497.99 *

Samsung 40″ 1080P 60HZ LED HDTV – UN40C5000- $747.99 *[amazonify]B0036WT48S::text::::$899.00 Amazon free shipping [/amazonify]

Samsung 46″ 1080P 120HZ LED HDTV UN46C6300- $999.99 *[amazonify]B0036WT4C4::text::::$1199.98 Amazon free shipping [/amazonify]

Samsung 50″ 720p 600Hz 3D Plasma HDTV PN50C490- $899.99 Sears only 2 Pairs Samsung 3D Glasses – Free w/Purchase of Samsung 3D Plasma HDTV [amazonify]B003XDU6EQ::text::::$1199.98 Amazon free shipping [/amazonify]

Samsung 55″ 1080P 120HZ LED HDTV – UN55C6300 $1,499.99 * [amazonify]B0036WT4H4::text::::$1765.91 Amazon free shipping [/amazonify]

Samsung 55″ 3D 1080P 240HZ LED HDTV  UN55C7000 -$2,199.99 *Free Starter Kit with 2 Pair 3D Glasses, 4 Shrek 3D Movies + 3D Blu-ray Player  Sears Only [amazonify]B0036WT4JW::text::::$2199.98 Amazon free shipping [/amazonify]

Sylvania 22″ 720P 60HZ LCD HDTV – LC2220SS1- $189.99 *[amazonify]B003AVMZ68::text::::$233.27 Amazon free shipping [/amazonify]

Sony 40″ Bravia 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV KDLEX400 -$549.99 [amazonify] B0035ER1H8::text::::$599.00 Amazon free shipping [/amazonify]

Sony 46″ Bravia 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV KDL46EX400 -$699.99[amazonify]B0035ER1HI::text::::$799.99 Amazon free shipping [/amazonify]

Sony 52″ Bravia 1080p 240Hz LED HDTV  KDL52NX800 – $1,499.99[amazonify]B0035ER1N2::text::::$1697.00 Amazon free shipping [/amazonify]

Sylvania 26″ 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV LC260SS1- $259.99[amazonify]B003AVMZ6S::text::::$320.64 Amazon free shipping [/amazonify]

Toshiba 46″ 1080P 120HZ LCD HDTV 46G300- $649.99 *[amazonify]B0038JED8K::text::::$735.00 Amazon free shipping [/amazonify]

Zenith 42″ 720P 600HZ Plasma HDTV 42PJ240- $399.99 *

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