Scenic Labs, developer of MediaLight Bias Lighting systems and video optimization products, introduced Wednesday its LX1 Bias Lighting providing affordable color-optimized media-room bias lighting that won’t alter TV image quality or add unnecessary eye strain.

The Scenic Labs LX1 Bias Lighting features a simulated D65/6500K ColorGrade chip to produce a calibrated D65 white reference room light in a television viewing environment to enhance the appearance of any display’s image, and providing eye comfort.

Bias lighting is light placed behind a TV or computer monitor to produce ambient light around the back or sides of the screen without shining directly into the viewer’s eyes. The use of bias lighting is said to improve contrast ratio with accent lighting while reducing eye strain from frequent changes in picture brightness from scene to scene.

LX1 Bias Lighting is a division of Scenic Labs. The company specializes in video-optimization products, including The MediaLight Bias Lighting System and the Spears & Munsil HD Benchmark and UHD Benchmark setup discs.

Pricing for Scenic Labs’ LX1 Bias Lighting starts at $14.95 and ranges up to $39.95. Performance is certified for color accuracy by the Imaging Science Foundation.

The white light color temperature adheres to industry standards, and for this reason betters other low-cost alternatives in the market that can compromise color accuracy, Scenic Labs said.

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“We know how frustrating it can be to find affordable, high-quality bias lighting. That’s why we engineered LX1 Bias Lighting – an extremely accurate bias light at an affordable price point,” said Jason Rosenfeld, Scenic Labs’ president. “The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. By making some modest changes in specification from our flagship MediaLight brand, we’ve been able to engineer a high-quality bias light that vastly outperforms the competition and costs less.”

LX1 Bias Lighting is available in six sizes each offering three-sided coverage for displays up to 129 inches, and four-sided coverage for displays up to 95 inches. In addition, LX1 lighting can be cut to a TV’s exact dimensions.

Each product is covered by a two-year warranty.

The company recommends using the LX1 Bias Light on a dimmer. Multiple dimmer options are available from the Scenic Labs dealer network, although the LX1 is compatible with a wide array of aftermarket dimmers and controllers.

Key Features of the LX1 Bias Light include the following:

● 6500K (ISF-certified for accuracy)
● Color rendering index (CRI) 95 (this is a quantitative measure of a light source’s ability to accurately reveal the colors of objects compared with an ideal or natural light source. A perfect CRI is defined as 100, and a bias light should measure as close to that as possible.)
● Spectro Report (.PDF)
● Connect via USB 3.0 to TV (shorter lengths, from 1m-4m, work with USB 2.0)
● USB and DC connectors for limitless connectivity and controller options
● Pair the LX1 with a dimmer (sold separately), to create a complete bias lighting system
● Two-year warranty

Further information on the Scenic Labs LX1 is available here.

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By Greg Tarr

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