Samsung’s Legacy 3D HDTV Owners Get A Reprieve

July 29th, 2010 · 13 Comments · 3D Cable Programs, 3D HDTV, 3D Satellite Programs, Blu-ray Players, Microdisplay Rear Projection, Satellite TV

(July 29, 2010) Approximately 700,000 Samsung DLP HDTV owners can’t view 3D content either from DirecTV or from cable providers. That’s because Samsung does not offer the special adapter that’s needed to convert 3D cable and satellite signals to the DLP compatible “checkerboard” format.

While Mitsubishi began shipping its 3DC-1000 3DC-A1 “checkerboard” converter this month it is designed for exclusive use with its own brand DLP 3D TVs. (For an explanation go here.) A company called Tru3D now offers an adapter kit that permits using the Mitsubishi 3D-A1 with 16 models of 2007 and 2008 Samsung DLP 3D-capable rear projectors (see the list below).

We spoke with CTO of Tru3D, Tony Welch. His company’s kit consists of the Mitsubishi 3DC-A1 and a box preloaded with a Mitsubishi 3D TV EDID code that “spoofs” the converter into passing a HD 3D signal player to a legacy Samsung 1080p DLP HDTV from either a cable box, a DirecTV box or a Blu-ray player.

The Tru3D adapter kit costs $289.99 plus shipping. It includes the ($100 retail) Mitsubishi 3DC-A1, an EDID “spoofer” with preloaded code and all necessary cables. Compatible glasses (such as XpanD 102) required for viewing 3D are not included.

The 3D TV adapter kit only supports the following Samsung 3D DLP HDTV models:

  • Samsung HL-T5076S 50″ 1080P DLP
  • Samsung HL-T5087S 50″ 1080P) LED DLP
  • Samsung HL-T5089S 50″ 1080P LED DLP
  • Samsung HL50A650 50″ 1080P DLP
  • Samsung HL-T5676S 56″ 1080P DLP
  • Samsung HL-T5687S 56″ 1080P LED DLP
  • Samsung HL-T5689S 56″ 1080P LED DLP
  • Samsung HL56A650 56″ 1080P DLP
  • Samsung HL-T6176S 61″ 1080P DLP
  • Samsung HL-T6187S 61″ 1080P LED DLP
  • Samsung HL-T6189S 61″ 1080P LED DLP
  • Samsung HL61A650 61″ 1080P) DLP
  • Samsung HL61A750 61″ 1080P LED DLP
  • Samsung HL67A750 67″ 1080P LED DLP
  • Samsung HL72A650 72″ 1080P DLP
  • Samsung HL-T7288W 72″ 1080P DLP

Ordering information is at the Tru3D website.

Note: Panasonic’s 3D compatible DMP-BDT300 and DMP-BDT350 Blu-ray players can output the checkerboard format and are compatible with listed Samsung TVs, thus allowing playback of 3D Blu-ray discs without the adapter kit. However, you will still need the Tru3D kit if you want to view DirecTV or cable 3D content.

Industry sources indicate lower priced cable/satellite solutions for listed Samsung HDTVs may become available in the near future. We will publish an update, if and when they are announced.

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  • WilThaPill

    Samsung can blind themselves with thier LED’s.
    Becuase they’ll leave you hanging sooner, or later with them, as they did with the DLP’s.
    Mitsubishi can stick thier EDID embeded codes with thier 3dc-100s adapters where the sun done shine.
    Want ever buy any electroinc’s again,if the company’s name, starts with an “S, or M”.
    It’s what’s wrong with the world today … it’s all about $$$. They can choke on that too, as far … as I’m concerned !!!

  • Bradley

    Help! I am totally out of it when it comes to all this technical jargon required for upgrades to a 3D capable output. I AM a Legacy owner of a Samsung HL-T5687SA. I have done some research and all roads lead to the Tru3D adapter kit upgrade. I need someone to tell me what devices will this upgrade give me (i.e. an emitter that does what, etc); what else do I need to buy to view 3D movies only( like a BluRay player, etc.); batteries for the glasses required; and any other cables and/or PC to make this system work. TIA!

  • Randy

    GREG- did THIS over 4 months ago using THAT Player with YOUR Model Samsung LED/DLP. Make sure you set BDT-300 to “Checkerboard”, THEN Set to “Mode 2” on your Samsung TV Rem- ote. Fiddle with “DynamiC/Standard” to minim- ize “ghosting” Getting 3-d to “pop-up” is MUCH easier with a 3-D (HDMI 1.4) Reciever. Our OLD 1.3 Receiver DID work, but was balky and sometimes frustrating to get 3-D to “POP”. Works like a charm NOW. Ya’ GOTTA get it work -ing because 3-D on (THESE) LED/DLP’s in noth- short of SPECTACULAR. BETTER than your loc-al Cinema. NO KIDDING !

  • William

    Any update on this, anybody go for the or the Tru3D?

    which is best?

  • Greg30892

    Anybody hook their Samsung DLP to the new panasonic 3d bluray? (Samsung HL67A750 67″ (170cm) 1920×1080 (1080P) checkerboard 3D LED DLPPanasonic DMP-BDT300/350 3D Blu-ray player). I can’t seem to get the 3d popup on the tv to highlight – do I need to buy an emitter to plug into tv? The glasses are Xpand 3D Shutter Glasses btw. If anybody can help with setup thanx. [email protected]

  • Randy

    This Tru3D Kit DOES work GREAT with our Sammy HL-67A750 67″LED/DLP. The Guys @ Tru3D bent over backward to get this to work with a MYRIAD of different TV’s, even walking us through setup after 9PM one NIGHT on the phone ! Some DirecTV 103 Programs have AMAZING Resolution/Color/and Depth…looks like HALF-a-MILE ! GOOD People!

  • John Smith

    Is True 3D at half resolution is not true 3D?
    Think about it folks. Blu-ray 3D offer 1080 lines of resolution.

  • Mike

    can you use the bdt300 to watch regular 3d movies and will the ssg 1000 glasses work with seeing 3d?

  • Ralph

    I have both the 67in Samsung and the 60in Mitsubishi tvs. Can this box be used on both. I hate to have to buy one for each tv.

  • Ryan

    It’s great to see that somebody is trying to take care of the customers that Samsung has left out in the cold. Too bad this device doesnt support my Samsung plasma TV, but hope that will change with updates or a future model!

  • Mark

    What brand of 3D glasses do you use?
    Do you need to use the TriDef Pro Pack ?

  • Johnston

    DMP-BD300 and DMP-BD350, looks like these should be DMP-BDT300 and DMP-BDT350 players.

  • Patrick

    Hey, if your pc has a bluray optical drive and you don’t mind using it to send full bluray-3d content to your legacy Samsung 3d-hdtv, then Cyberlink’s
    “PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D” ($99 & free trial) is for you. This software plays back full bluray-3d disc many 3d-formats including checkerboard! I use Cyberlink’s software to watch full bluray-3d discs on my legacy Samsung plasma, the 2009 PN50B450, and the results are great!

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