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Samsung’s introduced three top-of the line 4K UHD TV series which were designated by them as “SUHD” at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. Industry sources today revealed to the HD Guru the pricing and features of the JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500 SUHD series. Learn all the details after the break.

JS9500 Series

New for 2015 this series has Full Array LED backlight with hundreds of local dimming zones, High Dynamic range (HDR) with a peak brightness of nearly 300 ft. lamberts (1000 nit peak) with meta data detection of HDR content (to be found in select UHD Blu-ray discs and 4K streaming services that will be arriving toward the end of the year). Samsung calls it Peak Illuminator Ultimate. Blue LEDs drive what Samsung refers to as Nano Crystals (other TV makers call them Quantum dots) for expanded color gamut that creates colors close to the Digital Cinema Imitative (DCI) color space. The JS9500 will display the wider range of colors accurately by using the metadata that will be imbedded in UHD Blu-ray discs and select 4K streaming services.

10-bit LCD panels are incorporated this year, the JS9500s will detect 10-bit content and send it intact to the display.

The JS9500s use a recessed silver “chamfered bezel”.

The central processor for the JS9500 is an 8 core model Samsung calls OctoCore. It drives a new graphic user interface and a new Tizen operating system.

Carry-over features from the 2014 HU9000 include a curved screen, Smart TV, OneConnect Box (for future signal processing and tuner upgrades), built-in HDTV camera for Skype and facial recognition and a voice control remote.

88-inch UN88JS9500- $22,999

65-inch UN65JS9500- $5999

Samsung’s Korean website alludes to a 78-inch version which is “coming soon” and priced at 1.576 times the price of the 65-inch, which would translate to around $9500 US, if the ratios are consistent.

We expect to hear more about the line, when the 2015 Samsung SUHD TV pricing is officially announced, probably sometime in March based on prior year releases.

Samsung JS9000 front 580 Samsung JS9000 back 580

JS9000 Series

The JS 9000 series is very similar to the JS 9500 however it loses a few features while retaining 10-bit panels, wide color gamut and high dynamic range. First and foremost is the JS9000 models are edge-lit (also using blue LEDs and Nano Crystals) with far fewer dimming zones (really strips, Samsung won’t say how few). Samsung calls the HDR Peak Illuminator Pro instead of Peak Illuminator Ultimate found on the JS9500s, we do not know what the peak brightness is, but we presume it is not as intense. Ditto for the depth of the blacks around the lit area of the image.

Samsung also makes the Skype camera an extra cost add-on accessory rather than having it built-into the top of the TV.

The curved screen is surrounded by a black thin black bezel.

UN65JS9000- $4999

UN55JS9000- $3999

UN48JS9000- $3499

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JS8500 Series

The JS8500 series is essentially a flat version of the curved JS9000. The one major exception is the central processing unit (CPU), it’s quad-core instead of the Octocore (8) found on the 9500 and 9000.

UN65JS8500- $3999

UN55JS8500- $2999

UN48JS8500- $2499

JS8500 and JS 9000 Main Feature List

Quantum Dot Color, 4K Ultra High Definition (3840 x 2160), Contrast Enhancer, UHD Dimming with Precision Black (Local Dimming), Peak Illuminator Pro, UHD Upscaling, Smart TV, SmartHub, Apps & Games, Web Browser, Smart Interaction, Motion Ready with Camera Accessory, Voice Control, Smart Connectivity, TV to Mobile/Mobile to TV Mirroring, Smart View App (Content Sharing + 2nd TV+ App Casting)

4 HDMI Connections, 3 USB Connections, 802.11 AC Wi-Fi Built-in, 1 Component Video In, 1 Composite In (AV)


Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Premium Sound | 5.1 Decoding


Smart Touch Remote Control, 3D Active Glasses (SSG-5150GB), One Connect Box


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