Samsung Press Conference CES 2012

Samsung, the US sales leader for high definition TVs is offering new models for 2013 which are highlighted by the largest UHD TV (with four times the resolution of HDTV) offered to date at 85-Inches, the launch of its long awaited 55-Inch OLED (organic light emitting diode) Full HD TV (1920 x 1080 resolution) with “multi-view” , new 3D edge-lit Smart TVs and new plasma HDTVs boasting a “reference quality picture”  with the highest brightness and darkest blacks Samsung has ever produced . We lay out the new models after the break.


The UN85S9 is Samsungs first foray into the new UHD category. With a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 this 85-Inch UHDTV is an back-lit LED LCD with local dimming.

The extra real estate afforded by the over 7-foot diagonal measurement permits Samsung to build-in a 120 watt channel sound system with left, center and right speakers as well as two woofers for deep bass response.

Being Samsung’s flagship model, the UN85S9 includes Samsung’s new Smart Hub user interface with five panels for  On-Screen Program Guide; Movies and TV shows and photos; Videos and Music and Social media; Smart TV apps

The new GUI includes Samsung’s new “S” Recommendation list with thumb nail previews

Samsung also adds its new “Siri like” Voice Interaction function which understands complete sentences, queries and simple voice commands.

A new image scaler converts all content to UHD resolution

The UN85S9 incorporates an A25 Quad Core 1.35GHz processor with 3.6 times the speed of last year’s, now permitting multi-tasking

Cosmetically the S9 uses a new design which appears as if the image is floating within a frame.

The S9 includes an HD camera for Skype and face recognition. The camera can be shut down by pushing it into the TV’s frame.

Samsung also updates its Allshare DLNA technology permitting Samsung mobile devices to and PC to play almost anywhere. New for 2013 this Samsung TV will link to Samsung compatible home appliances so one may monitor the wash cycle or change air conditioner’s temperature setting via a built-in app. Price and availability have not been announced at press time.

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Is the 2013 version of Samsung’s OLED TV first shown a year but never shipped due to production issues. OLED promises viewers: incredible contrast, pure rich colors, full motion resolution and very wide viewing angle. Key features include Smart Hub, S-Recommendation, Voice Interaction, and Samsung’s A15 Quad-Core 1.35 GHz processor.

New for 2013 is Multi-View. The OLED’s fast refresh speed permits the ability to view two people to view two different programs simultaneously using special 3D glasses with built-in headset to view the content (in 2D) and hear the soundtrack for the selected program. . Price and availability TBA


The 2013 Samsung flagship F8000 series features edge-lit LED LCD 240Hz refresh panel with local dimming. The 8000 carries over key features from 2012’s 8000 models including HD camera, 3D capability, and adds a new arc stand, Smart Hub, S-Recommendation, Voice Interaction, A15 Quad-core processor, and AllShare  DLNA

Additional new features include Micro Dimming Ultimate which analyzes each video frame in real time and eliminates “halos” around bright areas such as white titles on a black background.

Local CTR (crosstalk reduction algorithm) increases 3D brightness as much as 30% , Improved Judder Cancellation called Motion Judder Cancellation Pro and a new Web Picture Quality Enhancer algorithm to improved picture and text images from the built-in web browser

The F8000 models will be available in the 60-Inch and other sizes (TBA) in the first half of the year.


F7000 Series LED LCD

This series is the 2013 update of last year’s ES7000 models edge-lit series and shares many of  the new 8000s features including Smart Hub,  S-Recommendation, Motion Judder Cancellation Pro and the Web Picture Quality Enhancer, Voice Interaction, and A15 processor. The 7000 series lacks the HD Camera and uses Precision Black to darken black areas of the image instead of Micro Dimming. Screen Sizes include 60-Inches (others TBA) and will ship in the first half of 2013.


PN64F8500 Plasma


Last year’s Samsung plasma offerings were long on new features but fell short on performance improvements. For 2013 Samsung claims the best plasma picture quality in its history thanks to a new filter, a new drive algorithm and other improvements boasting a white brightness of 250% over last year for its top-of-the-line 8500 series.

The PN64F8500 is a 64-Inch panel with new “Metal Craft Design” and “One Body Form” for a stunning new cosmetic.

The new front filter called Real Black Pro is Samsung’s 3rd generation filter with a nanocarbon compound for a great surface area to catch more light, preventing ambient light from dulling the image and in home or the showroom environment.

The F8500 series also includes Samsung Smart Hub, S-Recommendation, Motion Judder Cancellation Pro and the Web Picture Quality Enhancer, Voice Interaction, 3D and A15 processor. Expect 51 and 60-Inch screen sizes to be offered too.

For 2013 Samsung drops the 7000 series models seen in 2012 with the next model down being the F5500 which replaces its 1080p entry level E550 series. According to Samsung, the new F5500 will have picture improvements, but won’t have the same panel, drive and filter as the F8500.




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