Samsung unveiled at CES 2017 its second-generation line of Ultra HD Blu-ray players.

All of Samsung’s 2017 Ultra HD Blu-ray players will change out the Smart Hub interface with a new Eden user interface, and will incorporate the “one control” capability that is also used in Samsung’s 2017 sound bars.

Similar to 2017 Samsung sound bars where all of the function operations of the sound bar will be incorporated in the Samsung TV remote control, the same functionality is built in for Samsung Ultra HD Blu-ray players as well in 2017.

“This way, when you have the complete One Samsung Solution, including TV, sound bar and Ultra HD Blu-ray player, that one TV remote control will be able to operate all the functions of the connected sound bar and UHD Blu-ray products as well,” said Jim Kiczek, Samsung AV Products marketing VP.

According to Samsung there is no current plan to add Dolby Vision compatibility to the 2017 Samsung Ultra HD Blu-ray players. Both models will support the basic HDR10 format as mandated by the Blu-ray Disc Association’s Ultra HD Blu-ray specifications.

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This year’s models will include one basic player, like last year’s UBD-K8500 model, and a step-up model that will add several convenience features in addition to a front panel display readout and dual HDMI outputs, one of which will offer HDMI 1.4 output to carry audio to legacy AV receivers.

Samsung is calling its step-up second-generation Ultra HD Blu-ray player an “ultimate content player.” Model M9500 features Bluetooth wireless streaming support and Samsung Smart Remote integration enabling the features of the Ultra HD Blu-ray player to be controlled by the remote of a Samsung TV. This “HDR-optimized” device also features a new Private Cinema Mode that enables sound from the Ultra HD Blu-ray player to be transferred to Bluetooth headphones to cut out background noise or prevent any interference with others in the room.

The M9500 player also automatically sets the TV screen and audio to the optimal level by analyzing the content source being played at the time, such as HDR, Atmos or DTS-X. Consumers can enjoy the content they want without changing the TV or audio settings, Samsung said.

In addition, the new Ultra HD Blu-ray player will include improved mobile integration, offering the ability to view Blu-ray titles on mobile device. A 360-degree feature on the mobile device enables viewing 360-degree photos and videos they’ve captured on any TV through their UHD Blu-ray player.

One of the step-up model features will incorporate “Blu-ray or AV to Mobile capability.” Kiczek explained this feature permits a dual-viewing experience.

So, if you want to watch a football game or something else on the big-screen TV and the kids want to watch a movie on the Ultra HD Blu-ray player, the kids will be able to watch a movie or program streamed to a PC or mobile device from the Blu-ray player while the game plays on the TV screen. The feature will also support over-the-top content streamed from the Ultra Blu-ray player’s smart hub as well as DVDs, Blu-ray or Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.

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Another step feature includes built-in Bluetooth to enable streaming content from a mobile device to a connected legacy AV receiver that doesn’t have Bluetooth capability.

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