In advance of CES 2019 next month, Samsung revealed plans to market in 2019 “Lifestyle” TVs, including new series of “The Frame” models and the highly design-focused “Serif” TVs, both of which have been enhanced with QLED (quantum dot) advanced color 4K LED LCD panels.

Samsung teased the releases to make sure attendees of next month’s giant trade show in Las Vegas, see the new models in the company’s massive booth.

Samsung said the 2019 versions of The Frame and The Serif TVs combine award-winning and innovative design “that fits any home décor.” Further, the design-centric displays incorporate the company’s acclaimed Smart TV operating system and advanced QLED-enabled picture quality for a wide color gamut and high quality high dynamic range (HDR) capability.

Samsung designed both The Frame and Serif TVs to go beyond the look of conventional televisions to make pieces at blend in with most any sophisticated home décor.

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“The traditional TV was only focused on technical features, such as picture quality and performance, but now TVs are also a lifestyle platform that blends in consumers’ daily life,” stated Jongsuk Choo, Samsung Visual Display Business executive VP. “This year’s models of The Frame and Serif TV are enhanced lifestyle TVs that deliver a TV experience like nothing before.”

In the case of The Frame models, the displays have been designed to look like framed pieces of fine art hanging on a wall or placed on an easel-style stand.

The sets offer a range of interchangeable optional bezel borders that look like picture frames. Samsung then embeds a special Art Mode in the televisions that can be used to display paintings from great masters as well as famous photographs. Users can even use the app to place their own personal photos and artwork on the screen.

In addition, The Frame’s Art Store is building on its partnerships with the world’s most prestigious prominent galleries and museums around the world to provide access to over 1,000 pieces of art. In the Art Store, masterpieces from the Uffizi Galleries in Italy, the Van Gogh Museum in The Netherlands, and Te Papa in New Zealand have recently been added. Samsung said it will continue to expand its partnership with museums in the future to strengthen the art distribution ecosystem.

Furthermore, The Frame’s Luminance Sensor adjusts colors on-screen to fit the ambient brightness of the room, delivering the optimal settings to display artwork on screen.

Since its introduction three years ago, The Frame concept has been highly successful, drawing raves from passionate customers and home designers alike.

This year, when not being used to show static images, The Frame TVs have been improved and enhanced to present regular television, movies and videos in up to 4K Ultra HD quality with premium level HDR and QLED-enabled wide color gamut of nearly 100% of the DCI-P3 color gamut recommended for professional movie theaters.

Other features taken from Samsung’s popular lines of 4K Ultra HD television include Bixby, Samsung’s AI-powered voice control platform. Users can control the TV and access streaming platforms through simple voice commands giving users an enhanced content experience.

2019 Samsung Serif TV and Stand.

Meanwhile, The Serif TV line, which includes most of the same features as the new The Frame models, was developed as an aesthetic-focused TV in collaboration with Paris-based design brothers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, two world famous industrial designers that specialize in furniture. The Serif TV won the 2016 iF Design Award, the 2016 Wallpaper Design Award in the UK and the 2016 Good Design Award in Japan.

The 2019 version of Serif TV also comes with the aforementioned QLED technology panels as well as the 2018 television line’s popular Ambient Mode feature that provides information, such as news headlines and weather updates, the ability to display imagery, and blend into any living space when the TV is turned off.

Samsung said that although The Serif TV was sold almost exclusively in furniture shops and department stores, this year distribution has opened up for consumers to purchase the displays in consumer electronics retailers, as well.

Pricing and screen size specifics are expected to be announced at CES.


By Greg Tarr


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