Samsung introduced this week a new version of The Frame 4K Ultra HDTV designed to look like a framed picture.

The latest version includes additional selections of digital artwork that can be displayed when not using the screen for video viewing, plus a newly updated user interface, support for Samsung’s new HDR10+ dynamic metadata HDR profile and the company’s own Bixby voice powered Artificial Intelligence system.

This is the second year that Samsung has offered The Frame lifestyle TV series. The concept is to present a TV screen with a thin-bezel trim that makes the screen look like a framed painting when hung from a wall.

The latest models of The Frame are available now from leading authorized retailers. Screen size options include 55-inches, which carries a $1,999.99 retail price, and 65 inches, which is being offered for $2,799.99.

The panel design and No Gap mounting system allows closely mounting the screen to the wall to further the illusion of a piece of artwork. Samsung makes available four bezel color options including black, white, walnut and beige wood. For those who prefer placement on a floor or table top, special matching stands are also available.

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An on-line art store provided within the Tizen smart TV OS, now offers more than 800 selections of classic photography (including newly added works from the New York Times) and famous paintings that can be purchased to display on the screen when the television is not in use for regular video viewing.

Users can even create their own playlists of collected artwork to keep a constant rotation.

This gives home designers the opportunity to quickly and easily update or switch the look and feel of a room, Samsung said.

Samsung’s new The Frame 2018 is a 4K Ultra HD edge-lit LED LCD TV equipped with an out-board One Connect box. It has been enhanced this year with the Bixby voice control system to operate basic functions of the television, operate compatible smart home devices and perform various online tasks.

Other features include an Ambient Light mode that automatically adjusts picture brightness to the level of brightness in the room and an auto-motion sensor that detects movement in the room to turn the television on or off.


By Greg Tarr


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