Samsung will unveil at CES 2018 a new premium lifestyle soundbar that is wall mountable and compact enough to match up with thin-panel televisions, yet will produce room-filling enhanced sound.

Using technologies developed at Samsung’s Audio Lab in Valencia, Calif., the one-piece NW700 Sound+ soundbar will replace the MS650 Sound+ model in the line, and will add deep bass with distortion-cancelling technology, wide-range tweeters and multi-speaker control.

The bar offers a slim and sleek external design that reduces the profile of the soundbar to nearly match the depth of Samsung’s newest flat-panel televisions, which it can be easily mounted below on a wall.

The NW700 Sound+ soundbar measures 2.1-inches (53.5mm) deep to “seamlessly work with a wall mount TV,” Samsung said. It is 41 percent narrower than the previous soundbar model, allowing users to achieve a harmonious interior appearance, Samsung said.

The unit includes three channels and slim-sound technology to present dynamic and targeted sound for an immersive listening experience, the company said.

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The body of the NW700 includes built-in subwoofer technology that produces full-sounding bass without the need of a separate wired or wireless subwoofer box on the floor.

Jurack Chae, Samsung Visual Display Business senior VP said the NW700 is the result of the company’s continued focus on developing AV entertainment products “that fuse lifestyle and technology in a seamless, innovative manner.”

Samsung said the distortion-cancelling technology effectively syncs the drivers in the soundbar to produce a clear and powerful sound, even at higher volumes. Samsung explained that the technology predicts distortion at the end of the speaker movement and makes corrections in advance of distortion appearing in bass tones, despite the narrow dimensions of the soundbar enclosure.

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The NW700 Sound+ will support three sound modes including Standard Mode, Surround Mode, which is used to expand surround sound performance, and Smart Mode, which automatically adjusts volume and surround sound effects, the company said.

The new soundbar will be showcased at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Jan. 9-12th for release later in the year. Pricing and availability dates will be announced later.


By Greg Tarr


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