Samsung formally announced Thursday that its 2023 highest performing (Q Series) sound bar line up is now in fully available, with the arrival of the HW-Q900C in stores.

The 2023 Q Series lineup is now complete with the delivery of the Samsung HW-Q900C ($1,39.99), a 7.1.2-channel model that brings clear, spacious sound from nine built-in speakers and Dolby Atmos and DTS:X decoding. This sound bar system includes dedicated up-, side-, and corner-firing drivers that serve up expansive sound from movies and shows.

The HW-Q900C joins the flagship Samsung HW-Q990C that was HD Guru’s Best Soundbar of CES 2023 last January.

The Samsung HW-Q990C (which has been in stores and is on sale this week) highlights the company’s high-end Q series and includes the advanced features found in the new HW-Q900C but with fuller surround sound features like wireless rear-channel speakers to fill out the 11.1.4 multi-channel Dolby Atmos object-oriented surround sound experience.

It also features Adaptive Sound room calibration and advanced Game Mode settings.

The Samsung Electronics HW-Q900C, like the HW-Q990C Dolby Atmos sound bar, was developed at the company’s U.S. based Audio Lab in Valencia, Ca., where lab engineers are said to have pushed acoustic science to the limits. The new sound bar includes front- and up-firing drivers, and a new and improved wireless subwoofer.

It’s also designed with SpaceFit Sound Pro and Game Mode Pro, which optimizes sounds by game genres for added realism when played through Samsung Gaming Hub.

For more expansive room coverage, the Q-Symphony 3.0 sound integration feature integrates the drivers in the soundbar with the on-board speakers in supporting Samsung TV models.

The package supports Dolby Atmos object oriented surround sound for lifelike immersive effects from every angle. The soundbar is designed to fully integrate with one of Samsung’s newer Neo QLED flat-panel TVs through various systems, including full control of sound bar and TV using a single Samsung TV remote. The TV remote is designed to pair easily with the sound bar to control all the necessary features, without the need for any special programming. In addition, Samsung’s sound bar and TV pair acoustically all at one time to deliver a full, accurate surround sound presentation.

Samsung HW-Q900C Dolby Atmos sound bar

The Samsung HW-Q900C joins the rest of the 2023 soundbar lineup in stores now.

This year’s lineup is split between the Q, C and S model series.

All Q-Series Sound bars this year feature Dolby Atmos surround sound experience all as well along with AirPlay 2 and voice commands.

The HW-Q800C features the Adaptive Sound profiling to calibrate the output to match the conditions of the room to help keep dialogue clear and understandable along with immersive punch for action scenes.

Models HW-Q700C, HW-Q600C, and HW-Q60C are all 3.1.2-channel sound bar models offering the aforementioned Adaptive Sound in addition to Game Mode Pro for immersive game sound support.

Q Series include the following:

o HW-Q990C
o HW-Q900C, $1,397.99
o HW-Q800C
o HW-Q700C
o HW-Q600C
o HW-Q60C

The Samsung C-Series Soundbars

The C-Series models are designed to bring big immersive audio entertainment at value pricing. New models HW-C450 and HW-C400 models feature 2.1-channel support wand come with a subwoofer with Bass Boost for high impact.

C Series:

o HW-C450
o HW-C400

The Samsung S-Series Soundbars

The S Series HW-S800B is an Ultra-Slim Soundbar offers big sound from small spaces. The 1.6-inch deep soundbar features an all-in-one speaker in a black design styling. The unit’s side-firing speakers bring combine to present a 5.1.2-channel effect.

Samsung is also providing an all-white version in the HW-S801B for room decor flexibility.

S Series:

o HW-S800B
o HW-S801B

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By Greg Tarr

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