Samsung, the leading seller of HDTVs in the US settled a class action lawsuit this month. The affected class covers over 7 million owners of Samsung HDTVs (including plasma, LCD and DLPs) made from 2006 through 2008. Samsung agreed to provide free inspections, free repairs (if needed) and reimburse owners of these out of warranty TVs if their sets previously failed and were repaired at the owner’s expense due to defective capacitors within the affected TVs power supplies. This  capacitor defect causes an affected  TV to be unable to power on and produce a picture . (CBS4 Miami, Fl. reported the number of affected set owners through court documents it obtained).

A list of affected sets and how to contact Samsung follows below.

Defective capacitors are an issue that has plagued a number of consumer electronics manufacturers, first reported by computer owners beginning in 2003.  We contacted lead plaintiff attorney William B. Federman by email and phone and asked if there are other class actions pending regarding TVs with defective capacitors. He would not comment.

Under the Class Action Settlement, Samsung posted a list of all affected sets and the remedies along with links to settlements and a contact number at Samsung. They are as follows:
“You must fill out and submit this form to obtain reimbursement  for:

1: Expenses you incurred, prior to March 2, 2012, to evaluate or diagnose the capacitor issue covered by the settlement up to $150

2: Expenses you incurred, prior to March 2, 2012, to fix the capacitor issue covered by the settlement up to $150, or up to $300 if the repair included replacing a power supply board

3: Shipping expenses, including insurance costs, you incurred, prior to March 2, 2012 to fix the capacitor issue covered by the settlement, up to $150

4: A $300 fully transferable debit card if you reported to SEA, prior to March 2, 2012 the capacitor issue covered by the settlement, but did not get it fixed and you now no longer possess your Television; or

5: A payment of $50 if, after March 2, 2012, you require more than on repair to fix the capacitor issue covered by the settlement.

6: In addition, a payment of  $50  if, after [the date of this notice] you require more than one repair to fix the problem covered by the Settlement”

The models covered are: (asterisks are a substitute for any number; thereby all models in the series- models numbers are located on a sticker at the rear of all televisions-Ed)

Model Number

Serial Numbers


LN-T******/XAA; LN**A******XZA; LNS4041DX/XAA; LNS4051DX/XAA; LNS4052DX/XAA; LNS5296DX/XAA

Plasma TV





For information on whether you qualify for a free repair, or for reimbursement of a repair you paid for, or for other benefits, as well as how to make a claim, please see the Full Class Action Notice link below, or call 1- 888-899-7602.

  • To view the Full Class Action Settlement Notice, please click here.
  • To view the Settlement Agreement, please click here .
  • To view the Summary Class Notice, please click here.
  • To download the Claim Form, please click here.

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Summary and Commentary

Samsung claims only a very small percent of the class have the cited bad capacitors which may indeed be the case. We find Samsung’s response and rapid settlement a reflection of a company that stands behind its products and commend its actions. We consider this a win-win all parties. We hope other consumer electronics manufacturers take note and follow Samsung’s lead.

HD Guru has and will continue to report to our readers’ product issues regarding HDTVs and how the respective companies deal with their customers’ experiencing defects and premature product failures.


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