Samsung Electronics released pricing and availability on five 2016 SUHD class 4K LCD TV series, including the company’s new flagship KS9800 line offering full-array LED backlighting.

The announced SUHD model classes include: the KS8000, KS8500, KS9000, KS9500 and KS9800. All feature new quantum dot LED backlighting technology to achieve a wide color gamut surpassing 90 percent of the DCI-P3 recommendations for professional digital theaters, will accept and display high dynamic range (HDR-10 format) and are said to conform to the new Ultra HD Alliance standards to qualify as “Ultra HD Premium” 4K Ultra HD LED LCD TVs.

That means all of the SUHD TVs will have 10-bit cadmium-free quantum dot displays, will achieve at least 1,000 nits of peak brightness when presenting HDR content, and include a new Ultra Black feature that reduces reflections by absorbing light to improve perceived black levels.

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The new models incorporate Samsung’s new and improved Tizen-based Smart Hub TV platform, offering improved ease of use and convenience in setting up and controlling source devices, and finding and selecting available programs. Some models will also be updated this summer to support a forthcoming SmartThings Hub that will enable controlling a wide variety of brands and types of smart home control devices through the TV screen and remote control.


“Samsung has always been about the ultimate experience in Picture Quality. This year is no different. Our new SUHD models provide the brightest, most realistic color and clarity for every viewing environment,” stated Dave Das, Samsung senior VP  (pictured above). “What is new this year is our redefined Smart TV experience. We listened to our customers and made enjoying content the easiest it’s ever been.”

Gone from the lineup this year is stereoscopic 3D TV compatibility.

Samsung’s KS9800 SUHD TVs incorporate full-array LED backlighting to further improvement black levels and brightness highlights, by providing brightness control at the local LED zone level across the back of the LCD screen. The models will produce the highest levels of picture performance in the lineup. The Samsung KS9800 SUHD TV will be available in early June in 65-inch ($4,499 unilateral policy price) and 88-inch ($19,999) screen sizes. A 78-inch version will arrive in May at $9,999.

Samsung’s KS9500 curved SUHD TV line shifts to edge-lit LED panel lighting, along with a new modern 360-degree design with nearly bezel-less frame around the screen. The series employs what Samsung calls “Supreme UHD Dimming” to improve color and contrast, and Supreme Motion Rate 240 motion-blurring control. Models all have a native 120Hz refresh rate.

The KS9500 series is available now in the 55- ($2,497.99), and 65-inch ($3,697.99) screen sizes. A 78-inch version will arrive in early June at $7,999.99.

The KS9000 series features a flat-screen design along with many of the picture performance features of the KS9500 series, including: Supreme UHD Dimming; Supreme Motion Rate 240; and a 360-design. Models available now include a 55 inch ($2,297.99) and a 65-inch ($3,497.99). A 75-inch will arrive in early June for $6,499.99.

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The KS8500 series uses a curved LED LCD screen with Samsung’s Peak Illuminator Pro technology for premium HDR and color performance.  The series includes ultra-slim, thin-bezel styling in a 360 design. Models available now include the 55 inch ($1,997.99) and 65 inch ($2,997.99). A 49-inch model will be available in May for $1,699.99.

Samsung’s KS8000 series features a flat SUHD screen with many of the features of the KS8500, including: HDR1000, Peak Illuminator Pro; Motion Rate 240 (120Hz native refresh); thin-bezel-360 design; and new Smart Hub platform. Models available now include: a 55 inch ($1, 797.99) and 65 inch ($2,797.99). A 49 inch ($1,499.99) and 60 inch ($2,299.99) will follow in May.

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Samsung also said its currently available $399.95 UPP UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player has set records for the company’s most successful disc player launches. Currently, availability is limited by strong demand, but Das said supplies should ramp up by the summer.

By Greg Tarr


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