Samsung gave an early pre-CES 2023 glance at some of the products in store for 2023 with an early unveiling of several new advanced gaming and professional productivity monitors that will be on display in Las Vegas this week.

This year the company continues to deliver what it called “industry first gaming monitors” by building onto its Odyssey G8 and Odyssey Arc product families.

In 2023, Samsung Odyssey monitors will bring what Samsung called “entirely new ways to personalize the smart monitor,” while at the same time, the company will seek to revolutionize the pro-sumer monitor market with the company’s first 5K smart display.

The 2023 Samsung Odyssey lineup will help gamers upgrade to larger, more immersive screens that leverage new display technology for greater performance. Samsung’s new Mini-LED monitors include the Neo G9 and the company’s first line of Quantum Dot OLED monitors, in the the OLED G8 and OLED G9.

Samsung called the new Odyssey Neo G9 “the most immersive gaming monitor to date.” The monitor will feature a 57-inch, 32:9 super ultra-wide curved (1000R) display screen. The company calls it “the world’s first dual UHD Mini-LED monitor,” with 7680 x 2160 pixel resolution.

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 is said to have “exceptional picture quality that brings game details to life” using new Quantum Matrix Mini-LED technology. Similar to Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs, the display has advanced lighting technology to enhance shading gradation that doesn’t throw off black reproduction. Gamers will enjoy detailed dark and bright scenes, Samsung said.

The screen offers a 1 million:1 contrast ratio and DisplayHDR 1000 (1000 nits) rating, to deepen and elevate dark and bright scenes, alike. The monitor’s matte display screen absorbs artificial and natural light for a gaming experience free of distracting glare and light reflection.

The Neo G9 monitor will be ready for next generation PC gaming as the first monitor with DisplayPort 2.1 input and a 240 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time. Samsung said the monitor “can handle the most graphically intense games at incredibly high resolution.”

Other gaming features include adaptive sync and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro to prevent screen tearing and ensure smooth game play from supported PC and console graphics chips.

Samsung Quantum OLED Monitors

Samsung is also introducing its first curved OLED gaming monitors with 34- and 49-inch screen sizes in the OLED G8 and OLED G9, respectively. The new line of Quantum OLED monitors has a super slim 3.6mm premium metal design with a curved screen coverage radius rating of 1800R.

The monitors use Samsung’s Neo Quantum processor for brighter whites, deeper blacks, and “near infinite color contrast”, the company said.

Dark and bright game scenes are also further defined with HDR True Black 400. Both monitors list a 0.1 ms response time. The 34-inch has a wide quad HD display with a 21:9 aspect ratio and a 175 Hz refresh rate. The 49-inch G9 has a dual quad HD display with a 32:9 aspect ratio and a 240 Hz refresh rate.

Both displays support adaptive sync and AMD Freesync Premium variable refresh rate. Samsung said the monitors have a minimized port design for easier cable management, supporting Mini-DisplayPort, HDMI and USB-C charging up to 65 watts. Both include the Samsung Smart TV platform for video streaming and cloud based gaming apps.

Samsung said the OLED G8 will be hitting and U.S. retail stores soon, and the OLED G9 will be coming later in 2023.

Samsung M8 Smart Monitors

The Samsung M8 (M80C) Smart Monitor With Attached SlimFit Camera.

Also new for 2023 Samsung Smart Monitors is the M8 (model M80C) called the first “Do It All display”. The new Smart Monitor brings optimal productivity and entertainment experiences. The 4K 16:9 monitor has popular video streaming, cloud based gaming, and support for Microsoft 365 apps powered by the Smart TV platform.

The newly redesigned Smart Monitor now looks and feels at home in any living space, Samsung said. It features an ultra-slim 11.3mm design, built-in speakers and comes in 32-inch and new 27-inch screen sizes. In addition, the Smart Monitors are said to make it easier to connect with work, friends and family via a detachable “SlimFit” camera.

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For this series, Samsung is adding a new display stand option called “My Board.” This is described as “a pegboard-like stand that the display can easily attach to with flexibility to arrange the position of the screen in a variety of ways.”

The design allows the display to be attached in different horizontal and vertical places on the stand, with the option for landscape or portrait screen orientation. The pegboard-like space surrounds the display and makes it easy to personalize by attaching items most frequently used with the monitor, such as a phone, earbuds, remote, etc. Each item can be attached to My Board so they are easily within reach. My Board will be available with a 27-inch Smart Monitor.

Also added is “My Contents,” which brings a new way to personalize the screen’s ambient display by adding photos, schedules, weather and more.

A SmartThings Hub is embedded inside the new Smart Monitor, making it easier to connect and control smart devices directly from the monitor. Users can now select from a number of customizable screen designs to arrange and add personalized content to the screen using the SmartThings Hub.

Samsung said My Contents will display via Bluetooth when a smart phone associated with it is nearby so, personalized content is only shown when it’s within viewing distance.

SmartThings Hub make it easier to connect and control smart devices directly from the monitor using SmartThings. So, for 2023, the “Do It All” monitor will enable greater multitasking for the home, office, dorm room or any size living space, Samsung said.

Viewfinity S9 5K Monitor

Samsung Viewfinity S9 5K Monitor

Samsung also announced its Viewfinity 5K S9 monitor display “designed for creative professionals.” The Viewfinity 5K S9 features a super slim metal design to bring professional level display performance with a premium look. The screen produces highly accurate color and picture quality and for professional content creators.

The line includes a 27-inch, 16:9 5K IPS display panel that enables detailed picture and text quality, and a wide color gamut for lifelike images, as well as a HDR 600 (nits) to further improve image shadow and highlight details.

The matte display eliminates light reflections to further ensure color accuracy, the company said. For professional level contrast and color accuracy, the S9 includes a new Smart Calibration feature that uses a smartphone camera to adjust the screen for precise color, shadow detail and white balance.

A Thunderbolt 4 connection will transmit 5K video, audio and data simultaneously while charging a device at up to 96 watts. The S9 also supports HDMI and USB-C connectivity. Samsung said the display includes some of its most popular smart monitor features for multi-tasking and streaming.

The S9 is embedded with Samsung’s Smart TV platform to support popular video streaming and productivity apps, and supports a detachable camera for video calls, like the Samsung Smart Monitors. The camera included with the S9 has been upgraded from Full HD resolution and includes intelligent zooming that follows the person speaking.

The Samsung Prosumer Viewfinity S9 will launch early in 2023, the company said.

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