Samsung made a slate of smart TV-related announcements prior the start of its developer’s conference Tuesday including plans to incorporate the new smart home standard, Matter, into SmartThings enabled smart TVs and Galaxy devices.

At the same time, the S. Korean electronics giant revealed it is developing a new cloud gaming platform for Tizen OS-based Smart TVs.

“This means that soon you will be able to enjoy games without purchasing high-end hardware, and developers can easily apply Samsung Smart TV’s seamless, immersive experience to new games. All of this is possible with Samsung’s Smart TVs powered by Tizen,” stated Yongjae Kim, Samsung Visual Display Software R&D senior VP.

In line with all of this, Samsung told developers it has created a suite of services and product solutions promising seamless integration of new AI, IoT and security advancements intended to improve users’ lifestyles.

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“We are proud of the pioneering work we are able to do in partnership with the creative developer community,” stated DJ Koh, Samsung Electronics IT & Mobile Communications Division president and CEO. “As society becomes more closely connected through new tools and devices, we want to make people’s lives easier and smarter – wherever they are.”

The wide ranging initiative includes plans to strengthen and enhance the company’s core Bixby, SmartThings and Samsung Knox platform technologies.

For Bixby, Samsung said the on-device AI voice control technology with “deep neural networks” will get an up to 35% faster bump in speed.

Samsung said the Bixby Home Platform, which serves as an intelligent layer between Bixby’s natural language processing and SmartThings, will see more intelligently controled voice command executions that take into account the state and context of various devices.

Furthermore, Samsung said its SmartThings platform will be fully integrated with “Matter,” the newest standard in smart home compatibility. Samsung said Matter will help to eliminate for developers interoperability challenges while expanding a list of partners attracted to the promise of “nearly effortless” smart home connectivity.

Samsung said, its SmartThings Hub software will also be embedded into Samsung’s broad smart product portfolio, which ranging from Samsung Smart TVs to Hub refrigerators.

“Samsung believes that consumer data and personal privacy is just as important as the experiences they enable,” the company said. “Samsung is committed to providing a seamless consumer experience, and to ensuring that its devices and services are secure from beginning to end. Samsung Knox, the company’s defense-grade security platform, offers built-in protection for more than 100 million Samsung devices.”

The Samsung Knox Vault will further secure consumer data with a combination of security-specific hardware (a new secure processor and isolated secure memory) and new integrated software that shields the most secure data from the Android OS and applications.

At the same time, the company vowed to improve security and privacy, reiterating its work to continue releasing security analysis tools as open source projects.

Samsung’s said its three principle commitments guiding innovation are Protection, Control and Transparency.

“With these principles, consumers, developers and partners are given the information needed to make decisions about how data is managed. The company offers users the option to review and manage their permissions from privacy setting on their Galaxy devices and Smart TVs and discloses Samsung’s privacy policies through the Privacy Portal,” according to its developers’ conference statements.

As for Tizen OS-based solutions, Samsung said its mantra of “Screens Everywhere, Screen for all” is similarly evolving to add new experiences that enhance connectivity, functionality and immersive entertainment.

This is extending to video communication based on a partnership with Google for improved video calling on TVs via AI-enabled focus and zoom features.

In addition, Samsung Health on Smart TVs that connect with a webcam to analyze movements and can provide real-time feedback during a workout.

Samsung is also expanding the use of the HDR10+ dynamic metadata HDR profile to gaming applications with automated settings for low latency and HDR calibration.

A new Tizen for Business service will support interactive e-boards in schools, kiosks in malls, in addition to touchscreen displays for restaurants, airports and subways.

“With new management portals, businesses can conduct real-time monitoring and control screens remotely, easily applying settings to multiple devices with one simple touch,” the company said.

Samsung also reminded that its recently launched Tizen TV Platform Licensing initiative will enable manufacturers who want to introduce a premium TV platform implement the Tizen OS in products quickly and at minimal cost.

Concerning its Galaxy mobile device ecosystem, the company introduced the new One UI 4 user interface. One UI 4 promises to provide new levels of device customization combining privacy and security features with new personalized permissions options to protect user data.

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