Samsung is showing at CES 2020 a three-series soundbar lineup which has been designed for greater integration with Samsung televisions, gaming systems and surround sound content.

The 2020 Samsung soundbar lineup will include the Q Series, S Series and T Series models. All have been designed with an eye toward offering better synergies between Samsung TV features and design as well.

In addition, many models are adding built-in support for AI voice control from Amazon Alexa and (via a later-arriving firmware update) Samsung’s Bixby platform.

The company said it is adapting its line to a growing demand for soundbars with stepped-up audio sound quality, with particular focus on improving music quality. In addition, Samsung said consumers are looking for soundbars that deliver better surround sound or virtual surround sound experiences.

Product design is also an increasingly important buying factor for soundbars today, the company said. Consumers are looking for models that both match their television and blend in with the room surroundings.

Cognizant of these issues, Samsung has designed the 2020 line from both a feature and design perspective.


Samsung has redesign its soundbars to match more closely with the design of Samsung’s 2020 televisions. Both the width and height of the soundbar models have been reduced to fit both between the legs of tabletop mounted Samsung TVs and in most cases underneath the screen so the soundbar can slip in against the wall without out interfering with either the picture or the sound quality. This includes moving the full-array speakers introduced in the Acoustic Beam feature last year from the rear to the front of the soundbar to prevent any sound blocking when the soundbar is positioned beneath the screen and closer toward the wall.

Particularly in the 2020 Q Series soundbars, the design stylings have also been refined to fit closer to the look of Samsung Q Series televisions, the company said.

New Features

Symphony Sound:In 2020, soundbars with Symphony Sound have been designed to integrate with supporting Samsung televisions to offer sound that comes out of the front of the soundbar as well as the top of the speakers to create a much more immersive surround sound experience.

Object Tracking Sound:The new Object Tracking Sound, which is also included in certain 2020 Samsung QLED TV models, is also being added to select step-up soundbar models.

Voice Assistant:Samsung is integrating voice assistant control using the Amazon Alexa and Samsung Bixby platforms into certain 2020 soundbar models. The capability with Amazon support will come built into the soundbars at launch and will not require the use of a separate smart speaker like an Amazon Echo. Samsung will add Bixby support later in the year through a firmware update.

2020 Samsung Q Series Soundbars

The Q Series is designed for the home theater enthusiast. These models offer the best premium sound quality with the highest level of built-in features including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based surround sound decoding, in addition to many of the features of the S and T series models.

Among the product details released:

The Samsung Q800T Soundbar will pair with a Samsung QLED TV to deliver the new Samsung Symphony feature, which plays sound from the TV’s top speakers as well as from the soundbar for an even more dynamic audio experience. Its eight 3.1.2 speakers support Dolby Atmos, and Samsung’s Acoustic Beam technology to produce what Samsung calls a “true-to-life sound field” from a compact form factor designed to fit snuggly below the TV screen.

2020 Samsung S Series Soundbars

Samsung’s S Series soundbars have been designed with particular attention to sound quality for music, along with attention to design and smart voice control usability. The series is designed with greater emphasis on standalone performance for the music-centric customer as well as for those looking to add a soundbar to a TV in a secondary or tertiary room.

The S60 model, which is a step piece in the lineup, will have 4.0-channels, including front firing speakers, wide-range tweeters and Acoustic Beam technology for a wider sound stage. The soundbar presents sound that comes directly at the listener as well as surrounding them from multiple angles. Designed to deliver deep bass out of the box without the use of a subwoofer, the S60 can add on even deeper bass performance from an optional wireless subwoofer (model W500) with a 6.5-inch driver, for room-shaking effects.

Samsung is wrapping the S-Series soundbars with a special fabric designed by Karadrat, which is a premium design company from Denmark. The material is trending now for use in high-end furniture designs.

The line will also feature built-in support for Alexa voice control so users can control basic sound operations hands free, using spoken commands. No separate Echo or Dot smart speakers are required.

2020 Samsung T Series Soundbars

The T Series soundbars is Samsung’s entry and step model series that also has been engineered from a design styling and sound quality perspective. The series will introduce support for DTS Virtual:X surround sound support with virtual surround and height effects. These models also have been designed to fit between the legs and beneath the screens of tabletop mounted Samsung TVs for a better placement fit without sound restriction.

The line supports Bluetooth wireless connections supporting up to two Bluetooth devices connected at one time.

The series also adds a Game Mode that will automatically recognize when a television is playing video games from a gaming console and will switch into Game Mode sound settings for the most immersive gaming experiences.

By Greg Tarr

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