Samsung released pricing on the two models in its recently introduced 4K Ultra Short Throw DLP Laser Projector series dubbed, The Premiere.

The new projectors, which are part of Samsung’s “Lifestyle” segment of design-centric display products, are available now from Samsung’s web site in two screen sizes — up to 130-inches with The Premiere LSP9T (which rings in at a $6,499.99 suggested retail price) and up to 120-inches for The Premiere model LSP7T ($3,499.99).

Both models are said to be the first projectors to support the Ultra HD Alliance’s Filmmaker Mode allowing users to enjoy watching movies as the director intended. This means each model can be set to automatically trigger Filmmaker Mode picture settings — such as shutting off motion smoothing and setting a D65 color temperature — when film-based content is detected. This will avoid issues like the so-called soap opera effect that overly sharpens images to look like video, rather than the look of film that content producers prefer.

Both projectors can be positioned just inches from a white wall or screen to cast a large projected image up to 130 or 120 inches for the two models, respectively. For the best experience, Samsung recommends using an optional screen optimized for ultra-short-throw projectors.

Both models are based on single DLP microdisplay chips. For 4K projectors like these, DLP projectors typically use Texas Instruments’ version of pixel shifting, which rapidly moves back and forth a sub-native-4K DLP Digital Micromirror Device (chip) in such a way that it is capable of presenting 8 million visible pixels on the screen at one time.

The smart projectors also come equipped with the Tizen-based Samsung TV OS and Samsung TV Plus ad-supported programming channel that offers over 130 channels of free linear TV programming. The Tizen platform also offers access to the same popular subscription video on demand apps as Samsung’s flat-panel Smart TVs. Both projectors also include mobile connectivity features such as Tap View and screen mirroring and can link with multiple voice control assistants for verbal control. Samsung builds its Bixby and Amazon’s Alexa AI voice control platforms right into the projectors.

Originally introduced at the semi-virtual IFA Show in Berlin, Germany, The Premiere LSP9T is billed as “the world’s first HDR10+ certified projector.” This means it will present high dynamic range (HDR) content produced with Samsung’s flavor of dynamic metadata for scene by scene color grading. This is an alternative to the similar Dolby Vision variety, which is not supported.

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The LSP9T has a listed peak brightness of up to 2,800 ANSI lumens. The LSP9T features Triple Laser Technology to generate the red, green and blue primary colors that are blended for full wide color presentation.

This is stated on Samsung’s site as covering up to 106% of the BT2020 wide color space and 147% of the DCI-P3 wide color space, the latter of which long has been recommended for professional movie theater applications. The BT.2020 color space exceeds DCI-P3 and thus far can not be covered by consumer flat-panel TVs. Samsung said that achieving the listed color space percentages is limited to “stipulated condition” — presumably meaning use of a no more than a 130-inch screen size, and using a recommended optional screen optimized for ultra-short throw applications.

The company told us there is no risk of burn-in using the new triple laser light source.

In addition, the LSP9T model is outfitted with a built-in 40-Watt 4.2-channel sound system using similar Acoustic Beam technology to Samsung’s 2020 soundbars. This uses 22 holes to maximize left and right speakers, for deep bass and balanced room-filling sound, the company said. Sound is easily setup and configured. The projector cabinet offers a sleek design and features fabric finishes around its edges.

The LSP7T also features 4K Ultra HD resolution, but it steps down to a single-laser light engine without the full wide color gamut support of the LSP9T. The LSP7T also is less bright at 2200 lumens of brightness and supports only the static HDR10 HDR profile. The LSP7T’s on-board system is 30-Watts with 2.2-channel coverage.

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By Greg Tarr

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