With the 2009s introduced less than three weeks ago, Samsung’s dealers just made an unprecedented price drop for new LCD HDTVs, reducing the latest top-of-the-line 40”, 46” and 55” 1.2 inch deep models up to $600.  This dollar drop represents up to a whopping 20% price reduction!

The HD GURU contacted a Samsung spokesperson early yesterday, however we have been unable to receive confirmation regarding its new pricing program at press time.  We will update when further details arrive.  Here are the affected models and prices according to national retailer Vann’s (vanns.com).  Best Buy and regional chain PC Richard advertised price reductions on the 6000 and 7000 series HDTVs in their respective 4/19/2009 Sunday circulars.

Model            Old                    New    $Reduction
UN40B6000    $2299.98        $1899.98    $400
UN40B7000    $2499.98        $2099.98    $400
UN46B6000    $2799.98        $2199.98    $600
UN46B7000    $2999.98        $2399.98    $600
UN55B6000    $3599.98        $2999.98    $600
UN55B7000    $3799.98        $3199.98    $600

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