Samsung is using this week’s CES 2022 to unveil its upcoming TV product plans that encompass more MicroLED options, 4K and 8K NEO QLED Mini-LED TV models and The Frame TVs, all anchored by a revamped smart TV ecosystem that addresses changing consumer lifestyles.

Central to all of the 2022 TVs, the company said its Tizen smart TV OS and SmartThings platforms are getting a number of new look, feature and function updates, to better address consumer home/work lifestyles as well as entertainment needs during and hopefully after the pandemic.

Samsung said many of its screens in 2022 will be expanded for multi-functional applications including a new and improved Smart Hub updated with a Universal Guide Content Browsing Service developed to make Personalized Recommendations for each individual user’s preferences and subscriptions.

Samsung is also adding a new Home Screen (Media Screen, Gaming Hub, Ambient Mode) that offers greater flexibility and customization around individual users’ specific entertainment tastes in a single TV-based platform.

Upon power-up, users will see a Media Screen, which uses an intelligent user interface (UI) to bring all of the viewers’ favorite streaming services in one, easy-to-browse location. This includes a “continue watching” playlist of movies and shows from any content provider along with a list of recommendations, curated fo the user’s viewing habits.

Improved Gaming Updates

For gaming, Samsung is improving the response time of some of its premium displays up to a max refresh rate of 4K/144 Hz for very fast competitive action. It is also enhancing its Game Bar 2.0 for screen optimization. This will enable customizable setup for different users in the house. A new “Zoom in Mode” will help gamers expand a hard-to-see minimap, or engage an ultrawide Multi View look to, for example, watch a YouTuber explain how to beat a challenging level while playing in real time.

The new Gaming Hub provides access to a wide range of console and streaming games in one centralized place, the company said. This allows powering up a game straight from the home screen to get right into the game without waiting. Users will also be able to discover and quickly jump into curated gaming recommendations, which are created using new advanced AI Gaming Hub technology. The Gaming Hub also enables new seamless connectivity with cloud-based gaming services and consoles. This all will be compatible with existing third-party controllers and headsets for added convenience.

Samsung is also introducing at the show a brand-new cloud streaming service in Gaming Hub.

New Home Screen

The new Samsung Home Screen also provide an Ambient Mode to display favorite artworks, photos and “NFTs” on screen when the TV is not being used to watch programs. NFTs – or Non-Fungible Tokens — are unique and non-interchangeable units of data stored on a blockchain, which is a kind of digital ledger. NFTs can be associated with reproducible digital files such as photos, videos, and audio. 

Samsung’s new smart TVs now provide an NFT Aggregation Platform, which is billed as the world’s first TV screen-based NFT explorer and marketplace aggregator. This will let viewers browse, purchase and display favorite art in one place. Users get to preview and learn about an NFT before purchasing it, including who created it and what’s in its blockchain metadata. Samsung said the platform will also be useful to NFT creators who want to share their art with the world. Samsung said its “Smart Calibration” technology automatically adjusts display settings to the creator’s preset values, to ensure a work looks just as intended.

Meanwhile, a new “Watch Together” function will help people separated by distance stay connected through Samsung’s 2022 Multi View feature. Watch Together is called the world’s first TV-based platform for enjoying live and streaming content with friends and family without leaving the room. Watch Together viewers can watch their friends’ reactions during live sporting events, reality TV shows and other video events in real-time. Viewers will be able to connect a camera on a smart device like a mobile phone or tablet to the Samsung TV to connect face to face on the TV with friends.

To help navigate the on-screen features, Samsung is also updating its Eco Remote included with its televisions. The 2022 Eco Remote is made from recycled materials, and uses plus solar energy in tandem with RF harvesting to provide a “battery-free” operating experience. This will enable powering the remote on a bright and sunny day or in the middle of the night, by keeping the rechargeable battery fully charged at all times. The technology collects a routers’ radio waves and converts them to energy, Samsung said. In addition, this year the Eco Remote will be available in standard black or white to pair with the particular Samsung TV.

Samsung 2022 MicroLED Displays

As for new television plans in 2022 televisions, Samsung is enhancing/expanding its MicroLED and mini-LED (NEO QLED) 4K and 8K display series with new features and capabilities.

Samsung’s MicroLED offerings, which include the previously introduced The Wall series TV, offer highly customizable installations using self-emitting direct-lit LED panels that are fitted together like tiles to build custom screen sizes and aspect ratio configurations.

For 2022, Samsung’s MiniLED display technology has been enhanced with added control of the self-emitting, tiny direct LED lighting. The technology was developed to deliver some of the biggest screens with the widest contrast ratios, color gamut coverage and viewing angles possible, without threat of image burn-in.

New Samsung MicroLEDs for this year feature improved picture enhancement running a new chip structure, formed by 24.9 million micro-sized LEDs that have been boosted to cover a 10% wider color space. The 2022 Samsung MicroLED displays also include support for immersive, surround-sound audio experiences, with Dolby Atmos 360-degree surround and Object Tracking Sound Pro features to better engage the viewer.

The look of the new MicroLED TVs has also been updated with sleek, flexible bezel-free design. The MicroLED setup continues to offer a modular setup for some sizes/applications to let purchasers install screens ranging up to 178-inches diagonally, to fit their living spaces.

This year, in addition to offering 99- and 110-inch pre-made models, Samsung is also introducing a pre-configured 89-inch model. Pricing and availability will be announced later.

Samsung 2022 NEO QLED 8K And 4K TVs

2022 Samsung QN900B series 8K MiniLED QLED TV

In more traditionally sized TVs, Samsung continues to champion the enhanced performance of its premium NEO QLED 4K and 8K full-array MiniLED back-lit LCD TVs with displays with local dimming and quantum dot (QLED) wide color gamut coverage.

Samsung’s 2022 NEO QLEDs will use a new Quantum Matrix Technology to perform detailed AI picture analysis and automatically improve picture performance by “optimizing the shape of light.”

Samsung said this results in “the most true-to-life picture ever seen on screen.” The technology controls the brightness level of each MiniLED with an expanded luminance scale that has increased from 12 to 14 bits.

Further, the displays use Shape Adaptive Light technology based on AI to analyze lines, shapes and surfaces within an image and improve the luminance to reduce blooming. The technology will adjust the width of each the LEDs for greater light handling precision. Samsung said this makes every detail regardless of size pop and appear more lifelike.

Further, Samsung’s Neo Quantum Processor provides a boost to picture performance from additional aspects. Using new Multi Intelligent Picture Technology, the AI processing is used to determine how objects appear and enhances them with quantum processing for greater perceived depth. Samsung explained that AI Object Depth Enhancement is used to mimic the human eye’s ability to focus between foreground and background objects.

Intelligent Comfort Mode is offered to gradually reduce the amount of light for a warmer tone based on the time of day, like sunrise or sunset, to assist with sleep and provide greater eye comfort.

The sets will similarly be able to adjust sound for realism using new Human Tracking Sound processing. The NEO QLED series also include Active Voice Amplifier, Object Tracking Sound, and SpaceFit Sound, to help users experience even more immersive audio. The sets can pair with Samsung’s Q950B Soundbar through Q-Symphony Atmos technology to synchronize each of its speakers with each of the speakers built into the TV to further enhance the overall surround-sound experience.

The new NEO QLED TV series, screen sizes, availability and pricing will be announced later.

2022 Samsung Lifestyle TVs

Samsung is also updating its range of popular The Frame series Lifestyle 4K QLED TVs.

The Frame TVs this year will deliver enhanced luxury experiences centered around a design that mimics the look of a framed painting. This year, the series leverages improved processing performance for the QLED (quantum dot) color enhance sets to boost the overall image appearance. Included in this, the models feature a new matte, anti-reflective display that addresses light scattering surface irregularities to present more realistic looking works of art and content onscreen. The sets will allow show favorite art at museum-level quality in almost any environment, including in bright rooms. In addition, the surfaces of paintings and other images will now take on the look of lifelike textured paper and canvas.

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Owners of The Frame TVs will have access to Samsung’s broad selection of artworks through its Art Store UX app. The new UX allows easily finding favorite works of art and curates recommendations for new favorites based on the viewer’s tastes and popular trends from the art community. The Frame TVs will be available in a range of screen sizes from 32- to 85-inches. Users will be able to customize the look of the TV using accessories including “My Shelf” and personalized bezels/frames.

Further details on the series and models will be announced later.

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