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Samsung recently announced the availability of a new curved soundbar designed specifically to match the styling of its curved TVs. The new soundbar complements Samsung 55- and 65-inch curved models.

Samsung also announced its 2nd generation UHD Video Pack will contain 40 movies and documentaries in Ultra High Definition 4K (3840 x2160) resolution. Read all the details after the break.


According to their press release, the Samsung HW-H7500 curvcd soundbar “gives consumers superior sound quality in a form factor that aesthetically matches Samsung’s range of curved TV’s (55”-65”). The new Curved Soundbar is crafted with a finely brushed aluminum finish that highlights Samsung’s unique approach to elegance and design.

Featuring 8.1 channel support, the HW-H7500 Curved Soundbar delivers immersive sound quality and contains two additional drives on both sides of the unit to optimize surround sound from three directions. Samsung’s proprietary technology provides more detailed sound, with amped up mid and low-range capabilities -with an included wireless subwoofer- for improved fidelity and minimized sound distortion. With user-friendly functionality, users can control a built in equalizer and additional features through Samsung TV remote controls. Connectivity to Samsung TVs is simple through Samsung’s “TV SoundConnect,” enabling quick and easy pairing between products

Additionally, Samsung’s Curved Soundbar is perfect for wall-mounting. The Soundbar attaches onto the stand under a Curved UHD Samsung TV, complementing its seamless and aesthetic curved design. Samsung’s HW-H7500 Curved Soundbar is available for $799.99” this month.

Compatible Samsung UHD 4K curved models are the UN55HU7250 ,UN65HU7250 ,UN55HU8700 ,UN65HU8700 ,UN55HU9000 UN65HU9000 .

Compatible Samsung HDTV curved models are the UN55H8000 and the UN65H8000 .

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UHD Content

According to sources,  beginning this Sunday September 7 the 2nd edition of Samsung’s UHD Pack is free with the purchase of select 2014 Samsung UHD 4K TVs. The new 4K titles are Forrest Gump, Star Trek (2009), Star Trek: Into Darkness, Life of Pi, and The Book Thief along with 30 + 4K nature documentaries, shorts, music videos etc. Here is the list:

The Last Reef, Grand Canyon Adventure, Cappadocia, San Francisco Flow, Bailee Moore, Cooking For Love (Ep.1-1),Cooking For Love (Ep.1-2), Cooking For Love (Ep.2-1), Cooking For Love (Ep.2-2), Ryan Beatty:Hey LA, Santorini Action, Another Way, Atmosphere, Dreamline, In The Woods II, Khumbu Valley, Mix, Myanma(Burma), Perspective, Cute Puppy Race, Vancouver City 2, Legend of Flight (soft/hard ver.), Rescue Bear, Kinabalu Climbing, Microscapes butterflies, The Genet Sojourn, Oregon, Let Me Know When, You See Fire (Phantom Fire), Dive to the New World, World Surrounds Me

The 1 TB pack (305CYSC101- $400 Retail) will also include the 4K titles found in UHD Pack 1 which are G.I. Joe: Retaliation, World War Z, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Night at the Museum and The Counselor.

Unlike the Video Pack 1 which was shipped to registered owners of select Samsung models after purchase, Video Pack 2 will be inventoried by dealers so Samsung UHD TV purchasers may experience 4K movies immediately after unpacking and setting up their televisions. The 305CYSC101 Video Pack will only play on Samsung UHD 4K TVs.

Samsung also announced its UHD TVs can play Amazon’s new 4K streaming service when it launches worldwide in October. Amazon plans to stream its new TV series in 4K as well as other content. An Amazon spokesperson stated in an email to HD Guru, further details regarding its 4K streaming content partners will be forthcoming next month prior to activation.

To date, no other TV manufacturer has confirmed the ability to stream Amazon 4K, however we expect other UHD 4K name brands that offer HEVC decoding to climb on board shortly after launch.


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