Samsung Electronics Neo QLED TVs have received Spatial Sound Optimization certification from Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), the companies announced Tuesday.

The Neo QLED TV model series gaining certification include the Q70A, Q80A, Q90A 4K UHD sets and the Q700A, Q800A, Q900A 8K UHD TVs. The VDE’s Spatial Sound Optimization certification is given to products that offer a consistent sound experience regardless of the surrounding environment, the companies said.

This is important because “different watching environments — for example, a living room, a bedroom, or a terrace — create different sound experiences,” Samsung said. “To reduce such variation in sound, Samsung has added the SpaceFit Sound feature to its Neo QLED TVs, enabling its products to provide a sound experience consistent to a standard listening environment.”

Samsung introduced the Neo QLED TV category this year. In addition to its advanced on-board sound, Neo QLED TV models feature the company’s first commercial use of mini-LED backlight technology with thousands of tiny LED backlights, which combined with the QLED quantum dot film enhancement technology, produced some of the best pictures we’ve tested (in the Q90A and Q900A series) from an LED-LCD technology.

SpaceFit technology uses built-in microphones to recognize possible reflections and obstructions in the surrounding environment. These could include curtains, carpets, and walls, which can affect the sound.

So, for example, when the TV recognizes that the carpet in the living room is absorbing the mid-range and treble sound, it automatically calibrates the sound output to fit the surroundings by boosting the mid and the treble elements.

In another example cited by Samsung, “when the TV is placed close to the wall, the bass sound can be distorted since there is little space between the wall and the TV. ‘SpaceFit Sound’ can recognize the issue and reinforce the bass to provide a clearer sound.”

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Samsung said it is paying added attention to built-in TV sound detail in its premium TV models because “more and more customers seek to personalize their space according to their lifestyles,” and “TVs are being watched not only from living rooms and bedrooms, but also in workrooms, and even in kitchens.”

Such locations present problems, when advanced external surround sound systems are not possible.

Samsung explained that “sounds reflected off the surrounding walls, ceilings, and floors are much louder than the sound we directly hear. This means users can feel the sounds from the same product differently depending on the unique size and shape of the place and wall materials.”

Samsung said it developed SpaceFit Sound to provide an easy and accurate means for TV purchasers to get the best sound out of the listening environment without having to go through complex manual audio calibration processes.

“SpaceFit Sound optimizes the sound from content by analyzing user’s surrounding environment,” stated Younghun Choi, EVP and Head of R&D Team of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “What we want is for our customers to just enjoy their TV without any hassle.”

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By Greg Tarr

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