Samsung, Microsoft To Cross Promote QLED TVs, Xbox One X

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Samsung and Microsoft have reached an exclusive U.S. marketing and retail partnership naming Samsung’s QLED 4K Ultra HDTVs as the official 4K TV partner for the new Xbox One X gaming console, formerly known as “Project Scorpio.”

Samsung said the partnership kicked off at E3 2017 in June where Microsoft demonstrated the capabilities of the new console using Samsung QLED 4K Ultra HD TV displays.

Read more on the QLED Xbox tag team marketing effort at the jump:

The companies said video gaming and 4K Ultra HDTV enthusiasts would be able to witness the advanced capabilities of both Xbox One X 4K-gaming and how it is delivered via quantum dot LED-LCD TV technology at various Xbox and Samsung marketing and retail displays around the country this fall. Demonstrations will be set up using Samsung QLED TVs spot showcasing the Xbox One X as the key input device.

Samsung said its 4K Ultra HD QLED TVs are the ideal tools for 4K gaming because the latest quantum dot technology is designed to boost color gamut to 100 percent of DCI-P3 and 100 percent color volume while delivering some of the brightest pictures available in the market this year.

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The Xbox One X console will hit store shelves November 7th and will carry a $499 suggested retail price. The initial version will feature a black cabinet design and 1TB of internal storage.

The Xbox One X will pack six teraflops of graphics power, topping Sony’s 4.2 teraflops PS4 Pro. Microsoft based the console on a custom GPU engine that runs at 1172MHz, up from 911MHz in the Xbox One. The console includes a liquid-cooled vapor-chamber system, like those used on high-performance PC gaming cards.

Importantly for home theater lovers, Microsoft also includes in the console an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive for 4K movies and entertainment, as it did in the Xbox One S. It supports 4K Ultra HD video streaming.

“The arrival of true 4K UHD gameplay on Xbox One X this Fall gives gamers the perfect reason to upgrade their television,” stated Eddie Combs, Samsung marketing VP. “If gamers are looking for a TV that delivers premium 4K HDR picture quality with industry leading design and smart functionality, then the QLED TV and Xbox One X are an unbeatable 4K gaming combination.”

Xbox One X will bring true 4K gaming to console players for the first time with 40 percent more power than any other console,” said Mike Nichols, Xbox corporate VP and chief marketing officer. “Samsung’s QLED 4K TV is our favorite way to play Xbox One X, and we’re thrilled to join forces with Samsung in the U.S. to deliver immersive 4K gaming experiences to our fans.”


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  • stringfellow

    Will the emergence of an Apple branded hybrid OLED-QD be the best option for Xbox One X? Also, what type of competition will this Apple development have against current OLED televisions?

    Stringfellow – We don’t know yet what Apple’s ultimate plans are for any QLED-QD technology it might introduce, or when that will ultimately begin. Logically, initial applications would apply to the mobile device categories it already dominates, and eventually should include monitors for its Mac and iMac desktops. Whether or not Apple will take the plunge and go into the very difficult and low-margin television business is anybody’s guess, and will depend on how much leverage Apple will have with content producers(and game developers) to supply 4K content at a reasonable price (good luck with that). Building demand for 4K right now is paramount, and gouging the public on weaker and weaker theatrical releases will make it hard to deliver profits on scale of volume. On a positive note: Apple has the right idea in recently indicating that it is looking to create its own content. Hollywood’s increasing reluctance to take risks and stretch the storytelling paradigm beyond comic book characters and warmed-over television show franchises just to save a few bucks on advertising and promoition is steadily wearing thin with the public. — GT

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