(May 6, 2010) Mitsubishi’s soon to be launched HD converter box permits viewing a 3D HD Blu-ray player, 3D cable or satellite signal on any of its 3D ready HDTVs. The 3DC-1000, which debuted at the January 2010 consumer electronics show, converts HD 3D content to the checkerboard format used in all [amazonify]B002HHLGD4::text::::Mitsubishi[/amazonify] 3D ready HDTV rear projectors produced since 2007.

In 2007 and 2008 [amazonify]B0036WT3SE::text::::Samsung[/amazonify] offered 3D ready HDTVs for PC gaming that used the same checkerboard format. Recently, [amazonify]B002HHLGD4::text::::Mitsubishi[/amazonify] decided to modify the 3DC-1000 to restrict compatibility to its own TVs, via the EDID identification data sent along with the HDMI signal.

According to Mitsubishi’s director of product planning David Naranjo, the 3DC-1000 converter will not accept the ID from these Samsung 3D ready HDTVs and so won’t pass the 3D signal in high definition.

Note: Mitsubishi never announced its converter would be compatible with 3D capable TVs other than its own.

Edited By Michael Fremer

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