Samsung Legacy 3D TVs are Not Compatible with Mitsubishi’s New 3D Converter

May 7th, 2010 · 39 Comments · 3D HDTV, Blu-ray Players, Microdisplay Rear Projection, News


(May 6, 2010) Mitsubishi’s soon to be launched HD converter box permits viewing a 3D HD Blu-ray player, 3D cable or satellite signal on any of its 3D ready HDTVs. The 3DC-1000, which debuted at the January 2010 consumer electronics show, converts HD 3D content to the checkerboard format used in all [amazonify]B002HHLGD4::text::::Mitsubishi[/amazonify] 3D ready HDTV rear projectors produced since 2007.

In 2007 and 2008 [amazonify]B0036WT3SE::text::::Samsung[/amazonify] offered 3D ready HDTVs for PC gaming that used the same checkerboard format. Recently, [amazonify]B002HHLGD4::text::::Mitsubishi[/amazonify] decided to modify the 3DC-1000 to restrict compatibility to its own TVs, via the EDID identification data sent along with the HDMI signal.

According to Mitsubishi’s director of product planning David Naranjo, the 3DC-1000 converter will not accept the ID from these Samsung 3D ready HDTVs and so won’t pass the 3D signal in high definition.

Note: Mitsubishi never announced its converter would be compatible with 3D capable TVs other than its own.

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  • John K

    Time to update this article! There is a new 3DS-100s kit with an adapter that works with legacy Samsung sets. No more EDID flashing to get the older adapter to work. So far the adapter isn’t sold alone, only as a part of a kit with the emitter and glasses.

  • Joe

    I have a PS3, what are the chances of a software update for the ps3 that will output the 3d in the DLP format? Isn’t that what the converter box is doing?

  • Kyle


    Thank you Tru3d!

    Adapter that converts signal to checkerboard format and is recognized by Samsung DLP 3D Tv’s (LED and Lamp)

  • andré

    pour tout les seux qui ont on tv dlp 3d ready samsung….je possede un dlp 3d ready samsung hl-t6189s jai aheter un kit lunette+emetteur ir xforce 3d (4 pairre de lunette)pour 219,95 can et acheter un lecteur blu-ray3d panasonic dmp-bdt350+un cable hdmi monster 1.4 et le 3d fonctionne a merveille car ses le selle lecteur que l’ont peux mettre en damier. le disc de demo dans la boite que jai regarder….le grand conion,les corraile de mer et poisson je pouvait meme les toucher je suis tr satifait vous le recommende. DE André B

  • falz

    It appears that a company is selling the Mitsubishi adapter along with another adapter (“possibly the Geffen HDMI Detecitve”) pre-programmed to spoof a Mitsubishi display to get this to work with Samsung displays. $290 without glasses:

    At least there is some type of workaround available if someone is really interested in it.

  • Ralph

    Its really to bad we get stuck in the middle. I bought the 67in led dlp tv that had PIP and 3D over the Mits due to both those items. As soon as I got it they changed the HD programing so the PIP doesn’t work then they discontinued the tv. I then bought the Mitsu 60 in for my bedroom thinking the adapter was going to work on both. 1st this makes me never buying another Samsung ever. I paid more than double for the Samsung. Now even Mitsu is letting me down. I did my part I bought both now this. I feel burned by both.

  • Arif W.

    Seriously guys, this doesn’t surprise me on Mitsu’s part. Why should they do all the work to make something like this for their customers to have Samsung basically “steal” it for their TV’s? I own Samsung TV’s and computer monitors throughout my house and am nothing but happy with them. But Sammy is all about making money. That’s why they are not going to support their legacy 3D ready television. Why should they, they are making brand new TV’s that are 3D ready out of the box and charging a mint for them. The only way that Sammy customers are going to take advantage of 3D is to buy a new 2010 3D TV. Why do all sorts of R&D to make one of these converter boxed for legacy 3D ready Sammy’s when they already have sets that are ready out of the box? I have seen Samsung do this before, I don’t know if you guys remember but they used to make a fantastic LED DLP (the 67′ HL67A750 & the 61′ HL61A750) that got simply amazing reviews on Amazon and countless other sites for half the price of a comparable LCD or plasma. They got smart, why make such a great TV at such a great price when they can discontinue their DLP models and focus on selling LCD’s and plasma’s that cost double what these LED-DLP’s cost. So they did just that, killed off their awesome price conscience DLP’s to embrace where the money making was. Now Sammy has these LED-LCD’s that cost a mint, it’s all about making money guy’s and Sammy knows how to do that. So people like me who early adopted 3D ready sets such as the 67′ HL67A750 are being punished for spending our money too early.

  • Tashameka Adams

    I purchased the 72 inch Samsung DLP TV that is 3D ready and was really disappointed when I go into the store to buy the 3D glasses now that ESPN has a 3D channel and I am told that they are not compatible with my television. This is a shame that Samsung created these TVs to be ready for 3D when it is available on television and as soon as it is available, they have upgraded their own technology and made their past technology obsolete without an upgrade for the loyal customers who were ahead of the times and thought they were prepared for 3D going mainstream. It has taken me a lot of time and research, but I believe I finally found the site that is offering the 3D emitter and glasses needed for my DLP TV so I can view things in 3D. Below is what I found on this site, which may just be what I have been searching for. I hope this information is helpful to others as well.

    “Here is link to the IO Display store and a link to a list of all the 3D compatible 2007 and 2008 model Samsungs and Mitsubishis.” The hyperlinks did not copy so they are below.

    IO Display store –

    List of 3D compatible models –

  • Eric Bradley

    There might be a workaround for some very intelligent and non-busy samsung owners. There is a way to modify the edid tags on HDTV over HDMI. Its a long and very dangerous proccess, as you risk bricking your TV, but if you can change the edid tags on your samsung to those of a comparable mitsubishi, you might just be able to get the adapter to work. Or you could break your TV. The only question u have to ask yourself is: are you 1337 enough? Yes? A good place to start is googling “Phoenix EDID Reader”. May the f0rce b3 w1th y0u.

  • Samsung SUCKS!!!

    I sent an email ( similar to the one ‘Netcoder’ suggested on AVS forum link that Frank posted here)to Samsung, and this is the reply I got from them.

    I would urge everyone to email them as well, maybe Samsung might change their mind.

    Can we create some kind of petition to get Samsung to listen to us? :o/

    “Thank you for contacting Samsung Electronics.

    With reference to your e-mail, we understand that want information when Samsung will manufacture 3D

    We are Sorry, we are not authorized to discuss future products. If you visit and search our
    product news area under About Samsung, you can find information about upcoming product launches.

    I certainly take a note of your suggestions as Samsung strives to help its customers the best.

    These suggestions would help us in redesigning the product and help us serve you better in future.
    Regarding your specific request, I will forward your valuable feedback to our Samsung product development

    If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.

    Thank you,
    Samsung Online Support.”

  • Alex

    This question is to Randy. Do you need to buy the IR Emitter made by Samsung for these glasses (EXPAND DLP LINK) to work with the panasonic 3d bluray player (300)? Let me know. I have the same setup. Thanks!

  • Frank

    I posted the following on a Samsung forum and copied it to Samsung and Mitsubishi. Maybe if enough people chime in we will get a workaround.

    well looks like samsung legacy 3d ready tv owners are getting a major shaft!

    channels such as espn3d will be displayed in a side by side format, since it requires no hardware upgrade for your dish or cable company

    our samsung tvs only do 3d in the checkerboard format

    in order to unlock our sets 3d capabilities there would need to be an adapter…

    enter mitsubishi, who announced in january that they would be offering just such an adapter, and the rumor at the time was that it would be compatible with our samsung tvs as well!

    that is, until mitsubishi dispelled this rumor with this announcement:…onverter/1577/

    Mitsubishi decided to prevent its adapter from accepting signals from non-mitsubishi tvs

    so, there you have it, no espn 3d for samsung 3d ready tv owners!!!

    I emailed samsung yesterday to confirm that they had no plans to create an adapter of their own or ask mitsubishi to allow access for samsung tvs on their adapter

    It seems to me that Samsung is yet again dropping the ball with regard to their paying customers…I own two sammys and i dont think I will be buying or recommending one ever again

    And from mitsubishi’s perspective…they seem to be dropping the ball as they could generate goodwill to samsung customers left out in the cold and create perspective future customers and are missing out on selling 100 dollar adapters to customers of their competitors

    it would be nice to see a workaround come out, but im not holding my breath

  • Fred

    I agree with Arsel, let’s all raise the concern of poor customer loyalty and the need for Samsung to create their own adapter, or at the very least, license a version from Mits to meet the 3D demands of its DLP HL-T5076S, HL-T5676S, and HL-T6176S model end users. The address to forward this concern is at the following:

    Corp Headquarters
    Samsung Corp Office
    400 Valley Road – Suite 201
    Mt Arlington, NJ 07856

    If they hear from enough of us, maybe they’ll see the PR concern that they currently have on their hands.

    *In the meantime, I also agree with Keith – If anyone figures out how to manipulate the EDID on the 3DC-1000 to think its communicating with a Mits – DO TELL!

  • MR. COOL

    I asked SAMSUNG technical support would there new 3D Blu-ray Players work on 67A750 DLP tvs and they replied they would. They said some of the features on the 2010 models would not work, since the original setup for 3d is from a computer with 3d converting capabilities, and the 2010 model tvs internally will convert 2D to 3D I think that is what they mean. One other comment, will a 1 in 2 out hdmi box become available to pass 3D to the TV and Dolby True HD , DTS HD separately that cost $100.00 or less. I want to be able to use my computer and PS3 and XBOX 360 to play 3D content.

  • Keith

    I agree with Arsel on the Tech Support issue, but for a slightly different reason. Samsung released both 720p and 1080p 3D-Ready DLP sets while Mitsubishi ONLY released 1080p 3D-Ready sets. I imagine that Mits was able to build a less-expensive, and simpler, adapter if they didn’t require any 720p scaling.

    I guess Mits could have restricted support to the 1080p-versions of the Samsung sets, but that would be pretty confusing for the average consumer. I can certainly imagine a LOT of Tech Support calls and adapter “returns” from all of the 720p Samsung owners. It’s probably a headache that Mits didn’t want.

    We just need someone to build ANOTHER adapter with an EDID that fools the 3DC-1000 into thinking it’s actually talking to a Mits TV. :-)

  • Dave

    With all stated above, I am not familiar with how EDID flags work. Is there a way to “hack” around this? Maybe I am just being a wishful thinker, but it would seem to me that if this converter originally worked with Samsung tvs before these EDID flags then maybe there is a way to get around them.

  • Dave

    I am ticked off at both companies. I used to promote Samsung’s dlp tv’s to the point of arguements with people who disagreed with the me about the quality and value of these sets. I even put in positive words for Mitsubishi. I guess you could say I was a dlp fan in general. I happen to own a Samsung. What really makes me angry is not only did Samsung leave the dlp market without any warning or acknowledgement, they also appear to have destroyed their entire inventory of the samsung ssg-1000 3d kits. I refuse to believe they simply sold out. Those ssg-1000 disappeared as soon as they stopped making dlp tv’s. Now, as far as Mitsubishi I have to ask WTF? Why would you lock out people who own Samsung dlp’s from buying and using the converter box when Samsung isnt in competition with you anymore in the dlp market? I could understand this tactic if Samsung was still producing dlp, but they arent!

  • Arsel

    I think there may be another less sinister, more practical reason behind Mitsu’s decision to exclude the Samsung units from adapter compatibility – Tech Support. 3D for the consumer (i.e.: minimally tech savvy) market is going to be pretty ‘bleeding-edge’ technology in the next year or so. As such, they’ll be fielding quite a few support calls from folks trying to connect the adapters, trying to get the glasses to work, trying to use glasses other than the ‘recommended’ ones… all kinds of stuff. Since Samsung seems to have dumped 3D support for their earlier models, all these questions (plus *everything* regarding compatibility issues between the two products) would fall to Mitsubishi. Assuming, safely I suppose, that they don’t keep Samsung techs on staff, I’d guess that they looked the number of their own 3D Ready sets sold, projected how many folks would need help and just decided that it would not be cost effective to support hardware from another manufacturer. Now I’d also think that there may be a possibility, once they have some solid field data from their own customers’ experiences regarding setup and operation, that they could, eventually, produce a third-party box if the market is large enough. Still, rather than jumping on Mitsu for not providing after-market support on a competitor’s product, it would probably be more productive to lobby Samsung to license a branded version of Mitsubishi’s interface. Mitsu could make their money without having to field tech support calls, Samsung would have a positive PR product for loyal customers and end-users would get a much appreciated 3D adapter. Ideally a win for all concerned.

    Just my two cents.

  • Randy

    Cracked this problem with the help of Tony @ Tru3-D Inc.( GREAT “active glasses” AND People ! ) Switch between “Dynamic” and “Standard” and you’ll see the Glasses “flutter” and “sync-up”. F A N T A S T I C !

  • Randy

    We own a Samsung HL-67A750, bought a Panasonic BDT-300 (WITH “checkerboard” capability, and X-Pand-D DLP Link Glasses. On close-up objects it is the BEST 3-D we’ve seen ANYWHERE (including Theaters AND In-store Demos)…….HOWEVER there is “ghosting” and WHITE outlines in the backgrounds (around the edges). Why is this occuring? ANY IDEAS? THANKS!

  • Jim

    Anyone upset about Samsung abandoning customers who bought a legacy 3d ready set should send their complaints directly to Samsung or Mitsubishi(because of the shut out on the 3D adapter). Maybe if they Hear enough complaints they might do something about the situation.

  • Samsung SUKCS!!!

    I chose Samsung over Mitsu when I bought my HL67A750 last year, because the reviews for Sammy were better and that there was no need to replace a bulb. But now, after I heard about ESPN 3D, I regret my decision. Samsung totally ditched its customers on this. Why can’t they develop their own new 3d converter. Samsung Sucks!!! I used to tell people to buy Samsung, but what’s the point, if they don’t take care/ listen to their customers then they won’t have any customers.

    Samsung are you listening???? Hope you are…if you want to be #1.

    As far as Mitsu is concerned, they are stupid, if I were the product manager, I would make two versions of this, and sell the generic one @ a much higher rate and make more $$$ for the company + earn “priceless” consumer goodwill.

    Mitsu plz release a generic adapter.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Don

    Unless they’re selling it at a loss, I don’t see a reason for not letting it work with the Samsungs. It’s not like a Samsung owner is going to go out and buy a new Mitsu TV after being thrown under the bus like this. Way to put off the introduction of more 3D content by reducing the customer base of installed 3D compatible sets. They’re not only shooting themselves in the foot, they’re slowing adoption of 3D as a whole. Short-sighted to be sure.

  • rvp

    Let’s lobby Samsung to license the Mits adapter design and sell it to us as a Samsung box.

  • Casey Bryson

    Tommy B has it right. Whatever happened to taking the money and run??? Seriously. A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. I could go on…and on….but I won’t because Mitsubishi obviously is not listening to reason.

  • Big Lar

    This is not smart Mitsu marketing. They could take complete advantage of the market. I will not buy a Mitsu product again!!!!! They should take a look at the disavantages that equal many vs the advantages which could mean many new customers. There really is no advantages to this. if I’m a new customer, I will buy a new compatible product not mistu. If I’m an previous Sammy customer, I would be buying misutbishi compatible products… Stupid move!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chris

    Well- I will surely keep this in mind when I need a new tv. I won’t buy anther samsung nor will I buy a mitsubishi!

  • Ben

    The Promise module worked? Not here! They only came out with a poor selling, outrageously priced $1,000 module for the ‘HD ready’ sets which didn’t have firewire.

    They never released a Promise Module for the sets that already had an integrated tuner & firewire ports like mine.

    And from what I understand of my options, if PS3 doesn’t support checkboard, then I’ll just pick up a player that does.

  • B

    Good Point Mr. Smarty Ass.


    There are blu-ray players that output the checkerboard format.

    Direct TV is planning to use the checkerboard format so they don’t have to replace all their customer’s receivers.

    You may not even need to bother with the adapter anyway.

  • Mr Smarty Ass

    Maybe Mitsubishi could just offer a “special” edition Mitsubishi 3DC-1000 adapter that works with non-Mits sets for $199 (instead of $99 for Mits set owners).

    That way Mitsubishi will reward it’s own customers, while still offering a solution for Samsung owners and make a little extra profit on the side.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Chuckster

    Perhaps they might revoke the EDID flags for the converter at a later date. The product is sure to be scarce in the beginning. By limiting the first versions to Mitsubishi owners they in turn “take care of their own” first. If it’s profitable to make and sell, I don’t think it will be that way too long. I’ve got 2 Mitsubishi 3D ready’s and would like to get the adapters to both of them.

  • Chuckster

    Perhaps they might revoke the EDID flags for the converter at a later date. The product is sure to be scarce in the beginning. By limiting the first versions to Mitsubishi owners they in turn “take care of their own” first. If it’s profitable to make and sell, I don’t think it will be that way too long. I’ve got 2 Mitsubishi 3D ready’s and would like to get the adapters to both of them.

  • Tommy B

    John N has good points.

    Chris & Andrew – supporting their customers is certainly great – alienating potential future customers – where’s the upside in that?

    Personally, we have both Mitsubishi & Samsung TV’s. Historically, we’ve spent MUCH more on Mitsubishi product. Last year, I wanted the larger screen Mitsuibishi – she wanted the smaller footprint Samsung Plasma (our 1st Samsung) – guess who won?

    So does Mitsubishi need to “support” our Samsung purchase – obviously not. But they could still SELL us (& others) Mitsubishi product – the converter – the 3D Blue-Ray player – the 3D glasses too.

    Future good-will = HUGE. And all at NO increased cost for the ADDITIONAL BUSINESS & customer good-will for Mitsuibishi.

    But if they think the BAD WILL created by them intentionally & maliciously locking-out people who previously purchased a relatively low-end Samsung Plasma – will have some type of “benefit” for them – they are truly, & sadly mistaken.

    Let’s review – they had 2 ways to go:

    1) THE HIGH ROAD – The Miracle on 34th Street – “people first” approach.


    2) THE LOW ROAD – the too typical, shortsighted corporate officer “gamesmanship,” that has a “funny way” of biting the “player.”

    Looks like Mitsubishi has shown their “true colors.”

    Sad, really.

  • bob

    the promise module worked. you now have the option to either buy a small screen TV or a mits if you wanted 3D.

  • Ben

    I got burned in the past by Mitsubishi, from my model 65511 DLP (non-DVI/non-HDMI Mits DLP), which when I bought it was promised (via a “Promise Module”) to be upgraded to the final HD input format once it was finalized.

    I’ve since never bought another Mitsubishi product.

    I was thinking about getting the Mits 3D module for my 67″ Samsung, but was torn because it would mean buying a Mitsibishi product. Now I don’t have to worry about it.

  • Andrew

    I completely agree with Chris on this one. Mitsubishi is taking care of their past customers with this converter, bringing them up to spec on current gen 3D tech, while Samsung has abandoned their previous customers who purchased their “3D ready” sets.

    Good for Mitsubishi on continuing to take care of their customers. They have every right to only support their TVs.

  • John Nemesh

    Maybe because they would like to SELL ME SOMETHING?

  • Chris Hawks

    I understand that Samsung has, thus far, abandoned their 3D ready early adopters without an upgrade path. But it seems to me that Mitsubishi is rewarding their loyal customers with this adaptor. From a marketing perspective, Mits seems to be making the statement: “We take care of our customers. Aren’t you happy you bought OUR 3D ready product.” I mean, why should Mitsubishi support a competitors products?

  • John Nemesh

    I have been checking DAILY to see when I could buy this adaptor for my Samsung. I am heartbroken to hear this news! My old 55″ set is a Mitsubishi (CRT) and I have LOVED their products in the past. If they go through with this lockout, and disallow Samsung sets from working with the adaptor, I will NEVER again buy Mitsubishi or recommend their products. This is a “douchebag” move on their part.

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