Samsung has kicked off a “Black Friday in July” promotion that is slashing prices on dozens of top-performing 2020 QLED-based 8K and 4K Ultra HD LED-LCD TV models.

For a limited time, those interested in upgrading to a new, brighter, higher-performing high-resolution television can get November and December-like savings to help make waiting out COVID-19 to pass a little more tolerable in the summer heat.

As a rule Samsung televisions, particularly the QLED versions with quantum dot color enhancement film, offer very good brightness performance, highly accurate colors from a wide gamut range of hues, blazing fast gaming response times with very low input lag, and, in select models, wide viewing angles for LCD TVs with screen-glare-retarding properties.

Many of the QLED models also just started getting firmware updates bringing many of these models the Ultra HD Alliance’s new Filmmaker Mode feature, which makes it easy to setup the television to have the motion-smoothing, noise reduction and other systems automatically set themselves to the proper positions (usually “off”) when a film-based movie is detected. This helps to ensure you are always watching a movie or film-based television program the way the filmmaker intends you to see it.

Samsung also uses powerful on-board video processing and an advanced Tizen smart TV operating system providing access to a huge library of popular streaming apps, including 4K/HDR ones, in addition to specially packaged free ad-supporting streaming channels for cord cutters on a budget.

At the same time, Samsung recently started shipping its brand new Samsung outdoor TV line called, The Terrace, that let’s you install a TV screen on the porch or patio to entertain or simply enjoy watching television with a wide open sky overhead. The Terrace Series in available in three sizes (including the recently shipping 55-inch version at $3,497.99). The Terrace TV will a make your next pool party a big splash.

We’ve included a list of models and savings available now from Amazon. You will also find them available from authorized Samsung TV dealers around the country:

8K Samsung QLED TVs:

82-inch Q800: Save $1,300
75-inch Q800: Save $700
75-inch Q900: Save $500
65-inch Q800: Save $500
65-inch Q900: Save $500

4K Samsung QLED TVs:

85-inch Q90: Save $1,300
75-inch Q90: Save $800
65-inch Q90: Save $700
85-inch Q80: Save $700
75-inch Q80: Save $500
65-inch Q80: Save $300
55-inch Q90: Save $300
85-inch Q70: Save $300
82-inch Q70: Save $200
49-inch Q80: Save $200
55-inch Q80: Save $100
75-inch Q70: Save $100
85-inch Q60: Save $100
75-inch Q60: Save $100
65-inch Q60: Save $100
58-inch Q60: Save $100

The Frame TVs:

75-inch Save $400
65-inch Save $200
55-inch Save $200
50-inch Save $200
43-inch Save $100


Q70: Save $300
Q800: Save $200

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By Greg Tarr

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