Samsung Electronics’ corporate office last week teased the formal launch of the HDR10+ Gaming standard, which is to be supported in a list of undisclosed 4K and 8K TVs and new third-party game titles, all powered by NVIDIA GPUs.

“We are extremely proud to announce that the new HDR10+ Gaming standard will be adopted by Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED line up with the Q70 TV series and above and gaming monitors, allowing users to enjoy a game-changing experience through cutting-edge visuals and richer, life-like images,” announced Seokwoo Yong, Executive Vice President and Head of R&D Team, Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung will continue to invest in users’ viewing experiences as technology continues to advance and provide enhanced new features and capabilities.”

Developed by HDR10+ Technologies, LLC, HDR10+ Gaming will give content developers the tools to deliver “a compelling and consistent HDR gaming experience without the need for manual calibration across a variety of display technologies for various input sources, including consoles, PCs and more,” the statement said.

The standard was based on three pillars including: Variable Refresh Rates (“over 120Hz”), Automated HDR Calibration and Low Latency Source Tone Mapping.

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HDR10+ Gaming will enable automated HDR calibration in line with the vision of the content creators for highly responsive and accurate gaming experiences, Samsung said

Several key gaming companies, including Saber Interactive, are slated to also make HDR10+ Gaming announcements flagging some of the first supporting titles.

“We are very excited to help usher in a new era of video game picture quality. By adopting HDR10+ Gaming, gamers of all ages will enjoy cutting-edge visuals for the best overall gaming experience,” stated Todd Hollenshead, Head of Publishing at Saber Interactive. “The HDR10+ Gaming standard is genuinely raising the bar, and we are proud to be at the forefront of bringing it to market with games like Redout 2, the fastest 8K anti-gravity racer ever made, and with Pinball FX, the king of digital pinball, brought to life in a brand-new way.”

Samsung said Game Mechanic Studios is also slated to showcase an HDR10+ Gaming title “Happy Trails and the Kidnapped Princess”, which is to be released in 2022.

In addition, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series, RTX 20 Series and GTX 16 Series GPUs will support the HDR10+ Gaming standard with drivers scheduled for release in 2022, the statement said.

“NVIDIA GeForce gamers can enjoy a brighter, more vivid and consistent HDR gaming experience on their monitors or TVs from the support of the new HDR10+ Gaming standard,” said Vijay Sharma, Director of Product Management at NVIDIA.

Jong-Hee Han, Samsung Electronics Co-Vice Chairman/Co-CEO, is scheduled to deliver the CES 2022 Pre-show keynote address at 6:30p PT on Jan. 4th, when the HDR10+ Gaming capability is likely to be discussed.

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