Samsung formally announced Thursday features and pricing in its 2020 North American lineup of 8K and 4K Ultra HD televisions from its high-performing QLED (quantum dot enhanced) model series.

According to a company statement, Samsung Electronics said the new and expanded line is starting to become available now for purchase or pre-order on and at select retailers nationwide.

All of the TVs in the announcement are QLED models, meaning they are LED (back or edge-lit) LCD TVs with local dimming or Dual LED lighting, respectively, and contain a quantum dot color enhancement film layer that boosts the color range to better than 90% of the DCI-P3 recommendation with the ability to produce 100% color volume.

This year’s line features an expanded 8K assortment, and a wider range of screen sizes for both 4K and 8K model series. All 2020 sets also feature a number of improved AI capabilities.

The international market share leading company has also made a few design adjustments to hit lower (and more competitive) price points, including reducing the number of LED local dimming zones in favor of new, more powerful processing chips and algorithms intended to stabilize black level performance with greater fine shadow detail while reducing blooming and flashlighting around bright objects with minimal bleeding into letterbox bands on theatrical content.

Despite the backlight changes, Samsung said the new system maintains the high peak brightness and color volume characteristics, that are a powerful point of pride in favor of LED LCD technology over rival OLED products.

In addition to high picture quality, many of this year’s models have improved on-board audio performance for more immersive viewing with clearly defined dialog.

As for smart TV, Samsung’s Tizen-based operating system as been given some improvements in both use and selection to make finding content and navigating a large field of availble streaming apps easier.

2020 QLED models continue to carry the Samsung TV Plus, which is the company’s cach of more than 100 aggregated streaming video services offering free, ad-supported programming. This includes the just announced limited-time exclusive Players TV app with features on sports celebrities, as well as channels for news, gaming and lifestyle special interest topics.

Samsung is also offering its Samsung Health app, which is a fitness and wellness tracker showing activities, progress and other metrics, along with free exclusive content from experts in the field including Calm, Fitplan, Jillian Michaels, Echelon, obé Fitness, barre3 and more.

Samsung 2020 Smart TVs act as a virtual hub to a smart home. A SmartThings Dashboard provides controlling devices from a single, centralized location. This includes a comprehensive IoT ecosystem that seamlessly connects compatible devices and allows for setting up customized automations.

The 2020 8K models will have full bandwidth HDMI 2.1 inputs out of the box. In 4K Ultra HDTVs for 2020, Samsung is including HDMI 2.0b ports with support for the following HDMI 2.1 features: ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR, FreeSync). All 2020 models also support eARC.

Samsung has also placed a lot of emphasis this year on design styling, with the top 8K QLED model series offering the new “infinity screen” look. This makes the screen appear to have no border trim at all when viewed head on from typical viewing distances — 8 feet — while the panel depth has been narrowed. The Q900T series has a similar look but because it omits Samsung’s One Connect box, the panel depth will be slightly thicker in sections.

“Our 2020 QLED line is the best of all worlds. With industry leading picture quality, breathtaking design and smart capabilities that are as useful as they are innovative, the 2020 QLED line exceeds our consumers’ expectations,” stated James Fishler, Samsung Electronics America senior VP of consumer electronics. “Whether it’s the new ‘infinity screen’ that virtually eliminates bezels, the new Quantum Processors that push the boundaries of resolution, or our Smart TV Powered by Tizen that expands access to entertainment, wellness and control, our 2020 QLED line is perfectly positioned to deliver the personalized experiences our consumers care about the most.”

Samsung has also expanded its offering of both large and smaller screen sizes in 8K and 4K series.

The 2020 QLED 8K offering now has three series —Q950TS, Q900TS and Q800T— which are available in four sizes ranging from 65 to 85 inches. They are joined by the 2020 QLED 4K line, which spans four series—Q90T, Q80T, Q70T and Q60T—that range in eight sizes from 43 to 85 inches.

Here’s how some of the key features break down:

All 4K and 8K Samsung QLED models this year will feature: Samsung Health; Multi-View; Works with Bixby, Alexa and the Google Assistant voice control; Enhanced Samsung TV Plus.

In addition, 2020 Samsung 8K TV models will include the following features exclusively: Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+); Local Power Distribution (All 8K models); Infinity Screen (Q950 8K only). Also included is 8K Direct Full Array which introduces local power distribution to fine-tune dimming zones by taking power from dark sections of the picture and redistributing where it’s needed in the brightest areas. This helps boost brightness by 20%, Samsung said. The 8K also offer Quantum HDR, which expresses full range contrast for brighter lights and darker blacks across all HDR content.

Other 8K features include the AI Quantum Processor in the flagship model with Adaptive Picture that auto adjusts for room lighting and includes a built-in sensor to also analyze onscreen visuals to make the optimal balance for the environment, automatically.

Similarly, the Quantum Processor optimizes the listening experience – with the ability to adjust sound levels in response to ambient noise in the room so that dialog remains understandable regardless of what’s going on.

Samsung once again includes its Ultra Viewing Angle anti-glare film in select 8K and 4K series. This presents OLED-like viewing angles with glare-retarding characteristics that make images look like they are projected. Samsung said that the technology has been improved for 8K models this year to comply with contrast modulation resolution standards for 8K compliance with several specific definition standards.

The 2020 4K QLED series starting at the Q60 and up will include: Adaptive Sound or Adaptive Sound+ (Q70 and up); Real Game Enhancer+ (Q70 and up); Active Voice Amplifier (Q70 and up); Ambient Mode+ (Q70 and up); Adaptive Picture (Q70 and up); Samsung Symphony soundbar functionality; Object Tracking Sound (OTS) (Q80 and Q90 series).

For video gamers, the 2020 lineup includes Samsung’s Real Game Enhancer+ that provides multiple variable refresh rates for the clearest and smootest gaming graphics without frame tearing or stuttering. The OTS and Adaptive Sound+ features also makes sounds that seem to follow objects in the picture around the screen. Models are also provide greater flexibility to multitask while engaged in game play, including a Multi-View feature that allows watching streamed channels and social media while playing games – at the same time.

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Models at the top of the range will have the most LEDs and LED backlighting zones and therefore will provide the greatest peak luminance and fine shadow detail capabilities.

Below is a list of the planned North American QLED model offerings (with some additions from our original story on leaked model prices by screen size with unilateral pricing policy/minimum advertiszed prices. The prices below include some additional models that were not listed in dealer price lists previously reported here.

Samsung’s full 2020 QLED TV line includes:

Samsung 8K QLED UHD TVs:

Q950TS Series: 65-inches, 75-inches, 85-inches ($12,999.99 UPP) — includes One Connect box.

Samsung’s Q950 series 8K QLED TV with Infinity Screen

Q900TS Series: 65-inches ($5,499.99), 75-inches ($7,499.99), 85-inches ($9,999.99)

Q800T Series: 65-inches ($3,499.99), 75-inches ($4,999.99), 82-inches ($6,999.99)

Samsung’s Q800T 8K UHD TV Series

Samsung 4K QLED UHD TVs:

Q90T: 55-inches ($1,799.99), 65-inches ($2,499.99), 75-inches ($3,799.99), 85-inches ($5,299.99)

The Samsung Q90T 2020 flagship 4K UHD QLED TV Series

Q80T: 49-inches ($1,099.99), 55-inches ($1,299.99), 65-inches ($1,799.99), 75-inches ($2,799.99), 85-inches ($3,999.99).

The Samsung 2020 Q80T 4K Ultra HD QLED TV Series

Q70T (edge-lit LED with Dual LED lighting system, 120 Hz native refresh rate): 55-inches ($999.99), 65-inches ($1,299.99), 75-inches ($2,199.99), 82-inches ($2,999.99), 85-inches ($3,299.99).

The Samsung Q70T Series 2020 4K Ultra HDTV Series

Q60T (edge-lit LED with Dual LED lighting system, 60 Hz native refresh rate): 43-inches ($529.99), 50-inches ($649.99), 55-inches ($699.99), 58-inches ($899.99), 65-inches ($699.99), 75-inches ($1,699.99), 85-inches ($2,699.99).

The Samsung Q60T 2020 4K UHD QLED Series

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