Samsung Drastically Drops Its Ultra HDTV Prices-Again

September 23rd, 2013 · 3 Comments · 3D HDTV, 4K LED LCD, Connected TVs, OLED

Samsung UN65F9000  angle 580

Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) set prices are falling like dominoes, with TV manufacturers following each others’ price reductions in lock-step. Both Sony and LG recently introduced new smaller-screen models that are considerably less expensive than their initial 84-inch offerings. This week Samsung reduced the price of its full-featured UHDTVs for the second time in less than a month. The new pricing and details come after the break.

UHDTV has four times the pixels of high definition television (3840 x 2160 pixel resolution). Samsung’s UN55F9000 (55-inch) the company’s top 55-inch edge-lit LED UHDTV, incorporates every Smart TV feature it offers, including built-in camera, voice, gesture and cable box control, apps, a Web browser and more. Last month, Samsung dropped the set’s price from $5500 to $4500. Today you can purchase it from Amazon or other authorized Samsung dealers for $3497.99. This price matches the LG’s entry-level 55-inch 55LA9650 UHDTV (more) and Sony’s soon-to-be-released XBR55X850A, though the Samsung offers more features.


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Samsung’s 65-inch version the UN65F9000 sold last month for $7500. On August 25th, that price was lowered to $6000, and it’s now $4997.99 from Amazon and authorized Samsung dealers. The 65-incher has the same feature set as the 55-inch model. We asked a Samsung spokesperson if the company’s new UPP (unilateral pricing policy) prices are permanent or temporary, but they declined to comment.

Samsung’s largest UHDTV, the 85-inch UN85S9 a limited production model stays priced at $39,999.97

OLED Pricing

Prices for OLED TVs, meanwhile, are holding fast. According to industry marketing research company NPD Displaysearch, the cost to manufacture a 55-inch RGB OLED HDTV—the type offered by Samsung—is $7300. That implies that Samsung’s KN55S9C
is being sold to dealers at below manufactured cost. The situation is not encouraging for anyone hoping for quick OLED price reductions along the line of what we’ve seen with UHDTV.

NPD DisplaySearch goes on to say that the manufactured cost for white OLED with color filters, the type used by LG for its 55EA9800, is $3600. Considering the LG’s $10,000 price, there is profit to be had.

Further on in the report senior analyst for flat-panel display manufacturing Jae Choi is quoted as saying, “OLED TV has experienced various technical hurdles and roadblocks. The primary reason for the high cost of OLED TV is its low yield ratio.” Choi goes on to add, “The organic material evaporation process is a bottleneck for OLED TV panels made using the RGB (Samsung) method, and oxide TFT yields have not met expectations.”

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    I could not have said it better. I agree with ed

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    Well its seems Tv sales have flat for several years according to the real life contacts i have on the sales floor of 3 different Large retailers in Vancouver BC. They agree the only way to stimulate sales is to bring something new to the market. The only issue they are having is People are not putting out the big bucks they use to for Flat Panels . So if they are going to sell in any substantial numbers and stimulate the Must Have envy of the next door neighbours,they have to find a way to bring the WoW factor back at a price average Joe can afford.

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