Samsung Display reportedly announced to employees this month that the yield rate for its new QD-OLED panel technology has reached 75%.

Technology trade news resource Business Korea recently reported that Samsung’s display panel manufacturing company made the unusual announcement on a recent internal employee bulletin board posting.

The report speculated that the announcement appeared to be an action “to reassure the company’s employees as controversy continues over its QD-OLED panel yield.”

SD leadership praised the employees for their hard work, and “encouraged them to redouble efforts to boost the yield to 90 percent or higher in the near future.”

The company’s Asan Campus in South Chanugcheong Province is now processing 30,000 sheets of QD-OLED panels per month, which reportedly can produce around 1 million units of 55- and 65-inch sized 4K panels. Mass production of QD-OLED panels began at the plant last November.

Samsung Display is producing the panels for its chief customers, Samsung Electronics and Sony Electronics for TVs and Dell for PC monitors. The report said SD is also in talks with computer montior manufacturers Asus, Lenovo, and HP.

Samsung Electronics calls the hybrid quantum dot/OLED display technology “Quantum HDR OLED,” instead of QD-OLED, for its marketing purposes. The approach uses blue self emitting OLED light in conjunction with red and green quantum dot converters to produce very bright, highly colorful images and most of the rest of the benefits of traditional white OLED TVs.

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Samsung is Sony is expected to take the wraps off a QD-OLED TV model around June 2022, while Samsung Electronics’ QD-OLED TVs are to be launched as early as this month. Previously, Samsung started receiving pre-orders for QD-OLED TVs through its U.S. subsidiary last month.

Samsung Electronics recently showed its QD-OLED TV models at a press event in New York City, and is taking orders for QD-OLED TV models in the United States and other markets. Sony has shown models it plans to release (reportedly around June).

Links to order one of the Samsung U.S. models are provided below:

Samsung 55-inch 4K Qunatum HDR OLED TV, QN55S95B, $2,197.99
Samsung 65-inch 4K Qunatum HDR OLED TV QN65S95B, $2,997.99

Prior to the yield announcement to SD employees, BusinessKorea said that industry sources had speculated that SD wasn’t expected to see yield rates greater than 50%.

BusinessKorea also mentioned that a German tech web site recently posted observations of certain artifact issues arising from the technology’s unusual triangular pixel arrangement appearing under brightly lit environment.

We were given a glimpse of a Samsung QD-OLED TV model running Samsung demo material in a moderately well-lit environment, and we didn’t notice any distracting issues under normal conditions. In fact, from our quick eye-only view the picture quality appeared to be excellently bright and colorful.

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By Greg Tarr

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