Samsung Announces its 2014 HDTV and 4K Model Line with Surprises

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Samsung UN55HU9000 front580Updated and New Products added 3/22/14

Samsung rolled out its high-end 2014 HDTV and 4K TVs to the press today, adding a previously unannounced 4K model series. In addition, Samsung revealed the first 4K content it will offer within its new UHD media player. The details appear after the break.

We covered the new HU9000, HU8550, H8000 (Amazon is now taking pre-orders for April 6 release) and H7150 series (to be released later this Spring) and leaked prices and features weeks ago here.

Samsung today announced more 2014 UHD models with the addition the U8700 series which fits between its U9000 top-of-the-line curved LED LCD 4K series and its flat screen 4K U8550 series.

The U8700s have a curved screen along with Samsung’s edge lit Precision Black local dimming (as found in the U9000) and a panel thickness of just 1.2 inches with a very narrow .27-inch bezel. The U8700 series models will be offered this Spring in the 55- and 65-inch screen sizes, with prices to be announced at a future date. Feature wise it is identical flat screen HU8550.

Samsung confirmed its 105-inch 21:9 UHDTV will be shipping in the second half of 2014. No  price  or model number on this giant curved screen were provided.

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Samsung UHD Video Pack

The Samsung UHD Video Pack comes  with a 1 terabyte hard drive and is pre-loaded with major Hollywood movies in UHD (3840 x 2160) resolutions. Titles include Night at the Museum, The Counselor, X-Men Origins: Wolverine from 20th Century Fox,, G.I. Joe: Retaliation and World War Z from Paramount Pictures along with 3 unnamed documentaries and short clips. It is priced at $299.99 and ships next month.

Samsung plans to release a second pack with more UHD content in the 2nd half of 2014.

According to a prior statement the Samsung UHD video pack will only work with Samsung brand UHD TVs.

Samsung added in its press release “this year the leading streaming video providers such as Amazon, M-Go and Netflix, as well as TV providers, Comcast and DIRECTV, will be working with Samsung to find the best ways to deliver UHD content to customers.”

2014 One Connect Box

Samsung also announced a 2014  UHD Evolution Kit, model SEK-2500U  in the form of a replacement outboard OneConnect box for its 4K 2013 F9000 series and UN85S9. The SEK-2500V offers an upgrade to 2014 Smart TV improvements as well as HDCP 2.2, HDMI 2.0 and HEVC, according to a Samsung spokesperson. It will be available in late Spring for $399


2014 Evolution Kit

The 2014 Evolution Kit, model SEK-2000  which will upgrade select 2012 and 2013 Samsung HDTVs to 2014 Smart TV functionality, including a new graphic  user interface. The compatible 2013 series are the F7500and F8000 LED LCDs, the F8500 series plasma HDTVs and the KN55S9C OLED HDTV.  It will be available in May for $249.



Samsung also announced new soundbars and additions to its Multi-Room speaker system. The M5 is the baby brother to its M7 (review) speakers. It can be used alone or with other M5s and/or M7s to create a multi-room sound system. It can also be combined with a Samsung soundbar for multi-channel surround sound for you TV. The M5 ships this Spring for $299.99 and a companion Samsung Link Mate ($349.99) that permits connection of legacy audio components such as turntables and CD players to the “M” system will be available.

The HW-H750 soundbar is a new model positioned just below Samsung’s highly rated (review) HW-F850 soundbar. Like the 850, it includes a wireless subwoofer, a vacuum tube preamp stage coupled to a digital power amplifier. The HW-H750 is rated at 320 watts and is compatible with Samsung’s multiroom M series products. It will be available this Spring for $799.99.

The HW-H600 is Samsung’s latest Sound Stand that fits under a 32-to 60-inch TV (up to 77 lbs.) Using multi-direction technology it provides 4.2 channel sound . It includes Bluetooth music steaming from portable devices. It also includes Samsung Sound Connect the at permits getting the select Samsung TVs audio via a wireless connection.

Rounding out the list is Samsung’s latest Blu-ray player the BD-H6500.  In addition to UHD upconversion, and 3D playback, the 6500 can receive images from their Samsung smartphonse and move them to the TVs screen. Shipping now, it’s priced at $179.99


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  • Steven Wilde

    So does anyone have a idea when the one connect box will be made available for the 8550 ???

  • Steven Wilde

    So the video pack is not connectable with the 8550 until a one connect box is out for the 8550 ????

  • Jeff

    Sek still needs a firmware update sek2500 u correct to get 2.0 hdmi and 4k content as of today

    Since there currently is no content that’s UHD4K @ 60Hz there really isn’t a reason to upgrade to the SEK for HDMI 2.0 if that is why you would buy one.

    HD Guru

  • darren

    Does anyone know if the Samsung curved UHD 2014 model ua65hu9000w (australia) has the new wireless 802.11AC ? or do we have to wait till 2015, or will it come out in the one connect box SEK-2500U ?

  • old timer

    SoundShare feature on 2014 models not compatable with 2013 sound bars (for wireless connectivity). ?! Can you confirm please?

  • lily

    For the model sek-2000/za evolution kit, what samsung 2012 tv models can this accessory work with?

    Please help

    2012 LED -ES9000, ES8000,ES7550, ES7500

    2012 OLED-ES 9500

    HD Guru


    two websites, both authorized Samsung dealers use the model number SEK-2500U/ZA yet in your blog you give the model number SEK-2500V, which one’s correct?

    It is a U and we corrected it. The model number with a “V” came from Samsung’s press release. Samsung either changed the model number or made the error in the release and we copied what they provided at the time.

    HD Guru

  • ANEW

    Guru, so do you have to use the one connect box for the 8550? If so how long is the cord? I want to just swap the tv on the wall now with the new one but that connect box is a wild card.

    According to a Samsung spokesperson the OneConnect box is only standard with the HU9000 and S9 models for 2014, the 8550 has a standard input jack pack as found on other Samsung TVs.

    There is a jack on the 8550 for a future OneConnect box. Samsung customer service says its a 6 ft. cable length, however it is not relevant in your situation.

    HD Guru

  • Anonymous

    I hope Samsung sells all flat TVs this year–curved TV is a stupid gimmick! Curved TV is for the single viewer in the dead center of the screen who has no friends. It’s also only cool if your screen is as big as a movie theatre. Other than that, DUMB DUMB DUMB.

    Also, 4k TVs are still stupid.

    In the opinion of HD Guru, the jury is still out. We have been researching technical papers on human vision with the help of a Doctor of Optometry, regarding curved screens and viewing positions and plan to post next week.

    4K for now is all about the resolution. Screen size/viewing distance comes into play as to the experience (as well the wait for more native 4K content).

    HD Guru

  • tim

    Missing Information”

    8 bit panel 16.7 Million colors ? Samsung will not provide that information.

    Speed ​​of the CPU? Samsung will not provide that information.

    PurColor What gives ? Last year Samsung signal processing examined and processes 27- adjustment points of color and luminance criteria. 2014 PurColor examines 127 points and processes.

    HD Guru

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