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Now that Panasonic has exited the plasma business, plasma-loving videophiles have pinned their hopes on Samsung. Will the company offer a full line of plasma HDTVs in 2014? HD Guru has sussed out the details.

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Here’s the news: Samsung will offer a full lineup of plasma HDTVs in 2014, including 43-inch and 51-inch price-leader models and 1080p models both with and without Smart TV features. There will also be a top-of-the-line 8500 series.

What’s interesting is that Samsung plans to offer only one “H” Series plasma in 2014: the PN64H5000. Here are the key features as supplied by Samsung:

-Full HD

-Wide Color Enhancer Plus

For a wider spectrum of colors on your screen.

-Eco Sensor

Adapts the picture according to the intensity of the light in the room. This technology measures the amount of existing light and automatically adjusts the brightness of the image on the TV.

-600Hz Subfield Motion

Generates a full frame of video made up of 600 fields per second for clearer images with smooth motion.

-Cinema Smooth

The TV auto-detects 24 frame-per-second sources and plays them at 96Hz for smoother motion.

-ConnectShare Movie

Watch videos, play music or view photos—just plug your USB directly into your Samsung TV’s USB Port.

-DTS 2.0+ Digital Out

Processes standard 2-channel stereo audio tracks to deliver a full-range surround sound effect with enhanced bass and dialog clarity. Digital Out means the device can also output the DTS bitstream via digital outputs (S/PDIF or HDMI) to a receiver to decode DTS audio.

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-DTS Premium Sound 5.1decoding with DNSe+ processing

Delivers immersive 5.1 surround sound from any DTS-encoded content and converts any two-channel audio content into a 5.1 DTS surround sound track for discrete surround sound playback. Samsung’s DNSe+ processing provides selectable custom settings for experiencing surround sound with maximum bass response, dialog clarity and consistent volume levels from any content source, including Blu-ray movies, TV programming, streaming and games.


Other 2014 Plasma HDTVs

Samsung plans to carryover its 2013 “F” Series plasmas in 2014.

720p models:

PN43F4500 (43-inch) $379.99 Best Buy

PN51F4500 (51-inch)

1080p models:

PN51F5300 (51-inch)

PN60F5300 (60-inch)

PN64F5300 (64-inch)

F5500 adds Smart TV and 3D capable

PN51F5500 (51-inch) $847.99 Amazon direct

PN60F5500  (60-inch) $1197.99 Amazon direct

PN64F5500 (64-inch) $1797.99 Amazon direct

Samsung’s top-of-the-line F8500 Series plasmas will continue unchanged in 2014. In addition to the features found in the F5500 Series, the 8500 Series adds: built-in HD camera for Skype and facial recognition; cable box control; advanced program search features. It also has Samsung’s extremely effective anti-reflective screen coating. The F8500 received an HD Guru top rating when we reviewed it in 2013.

The F8500 Series is also compatible with Samsung’s 2014 Evolution Kit. This upgrades the set’s GUI and Smart Features so it will have the same capabilities as found in 2014 “H” Series models. We expect to learn pricing and availability for Samsung’s 2014 Evolution Kit at the company’s press event next week.

PN51F8500 (51-inch) $1797.99 Amazon direct

PN60F8500 (60-inch) $2397.99 Amazon direct

PN64F8500 (64-inch) $3097.99 Amazon direct


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