Samsung 2012 HDTV Prices Leaked

February 14th, 2012 · 25 Comments · 3D HDTV, LED LCD Flat Panels, News, Plasma

Updated 2/15/2012- Price Changes and New Series Added

The MAP (minimum advertised prices) of Samsung’s 2012 LED LCD and Full HD plasma lines are here. The first LED and plasma releases will ship next month (March). As written in our previous article, Samsung plans to use a one price for all dealer strategy of its mid to high end HDTVs.

The 2012 MAP pricing is considerably higher than what you would pay if you compare a given model to a closeout deal on remaining 2011s, especially with the 8000 and 7500 and 7100 LEDs as well as the 8000 and 7000 plasmas (called 8000 and 7000 series in the 2011 model line). Check out the  best closeout deals here .

Samsung’s biggest product changes for 2012 are in the form of its new interactive speech recognition/gesture remotes and TVs with built-in video cameras. To date, Samsung has not been touting 2012 performance improvements.

Please note, as is common within the TV industry, some MAPs may change prior to product shipping as Samsung makes final adjustments based on its competitors price announcements. We’ve updated our list prior to today’s publication with the latest price information obtained from industry sources, although some may still be subject to change, right up until time they arrive on dealers’ shelves.


LED LCD      

8000 Series: edge lit, ultimate micro dimming, 240 Hz, 3D, Smart TV, Interactive Remote, .2″ bezel

UN46ES8000 $2699

UN55ES8000  $3399

UN60ES8000  $3999

UN65ES8000  $4699

UN75ES8000  $7299

Samsung UNES7500 Series: edge lit, micro dimming pro, 240 Hz, 3D smart tv interactive remote, .2″ bezel

UN46ES7500  $2399

UN50ES7500  $2699

UN55ES7500  $3099

UN60ES7500  $3699

UNES7100 Series: edge lit, micro dimming plus, 3D, smart tv, .2″ bezel

UN46ES7100  $2199

UN50ES7100  $2499

UN55ES7100  $2899

UN60ES7100  $3499

Samsung UNES6580 Series: edge lit 120 Hz, 3D , smart TV

UN50ES6580 $2079

Samsung UNES6500 Series: edge lit, 3D, smart tv, .5″ bezel

UN40ES6500  $TBA

UN46ES6500  $1579

UN50ES6500  $1899

UN55ES6500  $2619

UN60ES6500  $2899

UN65ES6500  $TBA

Samsung UNES6100 Series: Edge lit, smart TV, 120 Hz, .5″ bezel

UN40ES6100  $1099

UN46ES6100  $1299

UN50ES6100  $1599

UN55ES6100  $1999

UN60ES6100  $2599

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Samsung UNEH6000 Series: edge lit, 120 Hz

UN40EH6000 $779

UN46EH6000 $979

UN50EH6000 $1149

UN55EH6000 $1399

UN60EH6000 $1899

UN65EH6000 $2399


Samsung UNEH5300 Series: edge lit 60Hz, smart tv

UN32EH5300 $529

UN40EH5300 $729

UN46EH5300 $929

UN50EH5300 $1099

UN55EH6000 $1349

UN60EH6000 $1849

UN65EH6000 $2349


Samsung UNEH5000 Series: edge lit, 60Hz

UN32EH5000 $499

UN37EH5000 $599

UN40EH5000 $679

UN50EH5000 $1199


Plasma models


PNE8000: real black pro panel, 3D, smart tv, interactive remote


PN51E8000     $2249

PN60E8000     $2799

PN64E8000     $3599

PNE7000 series: real black pro panel, 3D smart TV,

PN51E7000     $1499

PN60E7000     $2299

PN64E7000     $3099


PNE6500 series: real black pro panel, 3D, smart TV

PN51E6500     $1399

PN60E6500     $1999

PN64E6500     $TBA



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  • Zach

    I agree with JB the tv industry has been losing money for years and is grinding to a halt cellphones outdo our hdtvs easily I would be happy to pay more for a mopre useful product if the manufacturers had more money to invest in r&d this technology standstill would be over look at how long weve waited for 2k by 4k and oled

  • Tom

    Does this policy pertain to the US only? As I am looking to purchase a new Samsung in Australia.

  • MonkeyMafia

    Looks like these might be spot on. Best buy already has some up on their site.

    Adding to cart actually says that will be in on Feb 29th, they may not get put up on display til the old ones are ran out, but you might be able to get one.

  • Jack


    Wrong. The new Unilateral Pricing policy from Samsung prohibits the giving of gift cards, CC discounts, installation and bundled items (unless nationally sponsored by Samsung themselves).

  • seginus

    So can online stores get around MAP by doing the view price in cart or see price at checkout thing? They aren’t “advertising” the price that way, right?

    Wrong. Dealers will be prohibited from selling a Samsung UPP HDTV at below MAP, regardless if it is on the web page or in the shopping cart.

    HD Guru

  • Caddy man

    There are too many LED LCD series, all with minimal, and sometimes insignificant differences between them. One would assume it gives consumers more choice. What it does, is create more confusion and higher profits for retailers and manufacturers pushing “specs” and “features” to unknowledgable consumers. Granted, the differences in price are not as drastic on the lower end of the spectrum, but they will do it, even for a $30 difference.

    Prices will fall below MAP very quickly, if Samsung wants to sell any televisions and stay competitive. Unless there is pricing collusion amongst manufacturers, which is probably illegal, this will not work for Samsung.
    I would definitely not pay a premium for any Samsung product.

    An example of the “spec marketing game”…
    is the EH 6000 120 Hz series a smart TV? The EH5300 60 Hz is. This may just be a typo, but if it is a smart TV, the main difference between the two series is the refresh rate.

    By the way, the 55″, 60″ and 65″ EH5300 are incorrectly listed as 55″/60″/65” EH6000…sorry, I am very meticulous.

  • RD

    IT”S NOT MAP!!!!!! IT’s MSRP — BIG DIFFERENCE. And they are the SAME MSRP as the 2011 tv’s, yet with upgraded features.

    To clarify, some TV makers such as Samsung have a manufacturers suggested retail (MSRP) and a minimum advertised price (MAP), while others (such as Panasonic) they are the same price. (we feel the MAP prices are more useful to our readers to gauge product value hence the reason we publish leaked MAPs not MSRPs)

    TV makers provide retailers with advertising funds called co-op under the stipulation that the funds will only be paid (in the form of a credit against invoices) if the advertised price is not below MAP. Dealer’s may advertise below MAP but can’t claim co-op funds for those ads.

    When Samsung begins its UPP program, it will prohibit stores from selling or advertising UPP models below MAP with the threat of losing the franchise. Bose has been doing this for years. No matter which authorized Bose dealer you go to, the price is always the same.

    A number of TV makers currently require online sellers to put the price in the cart if it is below MAP rather than be displayed with the item. I find it to be a minor nuisance.

    HD Guru

  • JoJo

    Mike and JB sound like a bunch of old fogies, who time has passed by. The new retail business model has passed you by. People can get more info researching a purchase over the internet than talking to a sales associate, when the item is a mass produced product. You better get out of commissioned sales quick as brick and mortar stores quickly become nothing more than pick up and return warehouses.

  • JB

    Hey MIKE, thank you for stating the obvious. Consumers are the reason the TV industry is going under. Cheaper and cheaper and cheaper, people complain all the time about prices. Shut the hell up damn. I buy high end tvs why becuz they are the best I will not buy a 1500 -2000 tv. Not good enough for my needs. People need to either buy tvs or stop buying tvs and quit complaining about price. Dont fault the government about the economy, its your own damn fault for not spending more money and help local buisnesses instead of amazon. I cant wait til the tax the hell out of the internet.

  • Mike

    Keep Bitching Bitches..
    CHEAPER.CHEAPER.CHEAPER. No wonder your economy is in the toilet, apparently nobody but YOU is allowed to make money…but it’s ok for you to walk into a store and waste some sales guy’s time for an hour explaining all the “Smart features” on a TV, only to sell it to you for Maybe..7% profit for the store.(that is if you don’t run home and order it from Amazon after you got all your questions answered). You like working for free??..I doubt it, so stop asking others to do so, so you can save a few hundred dollars on an item that you’ll have for 10 years or more..
    I’m in the Industry and I applaud Samsung, and I know for a fact that Announcements are coming from at least 2 more manufactures.
    Want a quality product then pay for it..Can’t? then save up…Can’t? then too bad.
    You cheapskates already helped kill the Kuro plasmas…lets try and not decimate the entire industry please.

    my 2 cents

  • Nick

    Lol at all the Samsung workers here posting in favor of these ridiculous prices.

  • JoJo

    OLED is vaporware for now. Maybe mid to late 2013 if we are lucky. MAP only works on low volume or custom products, not mass produced with stiff competition. They will be selling well below MAP fairly quickly, although they should not even bother with that 75″ model when you can get Sharp’s 80″ for about half.

  • Illrigger

    No pricing on the OLED sets? Are they not coming out in 2012?

  • John

    I figured there were plenty of MAPs in place in the TV industry given all the work-around tricks that retailers use to display MSRP but you have to put the item in the cart before you can see the actual sale price. Unless Samsung decides to get serious about it’s still going to be status quo.

  • Chris

    No MAP please… Or I may end up with my first LG or Sony….

  • diablo

    The market will decide if Samsung will gain or lose market share from this strategy. I have two Samsung TV’s but if I can buy a Panasonic for less then that’s what I’ll do.

  • Caddy man

    Unless it is a misprint, the 55ES8000 has the same MAP price as the 55ES7500?? They are both $3,399?
    Judging by the pricing pattern, the 55ES7500 should be $3,099.
    I for one, am not interested in paying ridiculous prices for a Samsuck!

    Fixed. Thanks for the catch

    HD Guru

  • Brian

    It’s hilarious to see the over-the-top, aggressive posts in response to Samsung’s new policy, that, if it hadn’t been reported on, nobody would have made one peep about pricing.

    If you think Samsung’s prices are too high, buy another brand. Period. As the article stated, high end manufacturers enforce the same pricing whether you buy it online or in a store, and they’ve been just fine. I did notice the article referencing the pricing failed to mention a HUGE company that also enforces UPP – Apple. Good luck finding ANY of their products (from iPhones to iPods) more than a few bucks off.

    While the pricing will be the same online or off, what’s to stop a merchant from offering, say, a $100 gift card with purchase of a Samsung TV? Nothing, that’s what.

  • chew

    well wait for new ones to come then find the store have the old ones get them at clearance prices,i never pay full price for any television again

  • JB

    Here is what I dont get, everyone wants a break, I dont make enough so i should get the best tvs for cheap. Ok peeps, I make 10 dollars an hour and bought the 60″ Sharp Elite, why do you ask because I can. I will put my money to something that is actually beneficial for me to have in my house. Everyone is complaining about price price price, do you guys realize that if retailers sale at a lost electronics business will go away, You can say all you want it gets competitive, but at what cost to the retailer people. Everything is about the customers, why not make it about the retailer that way, retailers can offer better deals to customers. If the customer always wants and wants and wants then they will get shitted on. Im happy that samsung is setting up this policy, if you dont want to spend the money on their product then go buy something else like your favorite neighborhood VIZIO.

  • tonyjd40

    who ever thought you would hear ” i am buying the panasonic cause it is cheaper than a samsung ??? ” lol. samsungs selling point was that they were just as good but cost alittle less, no one will pay more for a samsung over a panasonic. i thought the voice control was nifty but not at these prices, This is just wrong to make everyone pay more cause shitty best buy and others cant sell their stock cause they price it so high and etailers online sell more at lower cost.

  • tonyjd40

    really ? these prices are stupid, a 59pne8000 $3099, and for 5 inches more a 64pne8000 for $3999. WHAT $900 FOR 5 INCHES ??? look this pricing is bs, this is america , online etailersw should be able to sell at whatever they want, thats what business is and if b&m stores want to make a killing on 1 det then thats there problem. all this is doing is pushing people to buy panasonic online, b&m stores still lose . stop trying to rip off hard working americans.

  • Farfer

    JB, how does this “allow” more jobs for Americans?

  • JB

    Yes, Luv these prices. If you dont like these prices or their pricing structure leave the US. This is better for the economy and retailers and this will allow more jobs for us americans. Go buy a VIZIO if price is that important to you, if you dont want quality.

  • bugsy

    Bose has always annoyed me and made me not want to buy them with their unwarranted self-aggrandizing pronouncements about their own top-of-the-line wonderfulness. It seems that Samsung will have to take that approach, which will also annoy me and also make me not want to buy them.

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