Roku revealed through a blog announcement Tuesday that it is releasing the latest version (v4.0) of the Roku mobile app for iOS and Android devices, bringing a new look with faster and easier response.

The update brings what Roku calls “one-tap access to features that make streaming what you love fast and simple.”

The interface simplifies navigation to popular mobile features, like the remote control and search functions. Users will be able to quickly browse a selection of movies and TV shows that are available to stream by tapping the new “What’s On” tab.

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The refreshed Roku mobile app is free and provides another easy way for Roku users to engage with their smart TV platform, whether from a Roku player, Roku Stick or integrated Roku TV.

With the mobile app, users can control the Roku platform as they would with the supplied remote control, plug in headphones for private listening, search for content using either the mobile device keyboard or via voice. It can also be used to share personal videos, music and photos on the TV screen.

Roku said the new navigation bar found across the bottom of the Roku mobile app makes functions available. With a tap a user will see and be able to launch installed streaming channels, browse What’s On, and use the remote or share photos and videos on a Roku-enabled TV.

A tap of the Roku Search icon located at the top of the “Channels” and “What’s On” tabs aids in quickly finding a movie or television program to watch.

The Roku mobile app offers a scrolling view of all streaming channels so that popular app channels like Netflix or Hulu can be opened with a tap. Once the channel app is launched the remote control will automatically appear on the app to help find the user quickly find a particular show to watch.

By tapping the “What’s On” tab users can browse a hand-picked selection of entertainment to rent, buy or watch for free.

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The on screen remote within the Roku mobile app remote tab now more closely matches the buttons on the dedicated Roku remote control unit, with the buttons and directional pad moving closer together for easier use with one hand. A channels icon at the top left of the remote screen brings fast access to installed streaming channels and navigate from one channel to another.


By Greg Tarr


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