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Roku just upgraded the firmware in its media player and Roku TV operating system to monitor what users watch on live TV to help make meaningful recommendations for over-the-top (OTT) streaming programs, but a new patent licensing agreement with TiVO revealed Wednesday indicates even more robust capabilities could be the way.

TiVo (formerly known as Rovi) revealed Wednesday that Roku has signed a multi-year intellectual property (IP) license agreement with TiVo for certain TiVo and Rovi patent portfolios as well as over-the-top (OTT) assets from the TiVo/Intellectual Ventures patent portfolio.

The companies said the agreement includes an option for Roku to access TiVo’s entertainment metadata and other TiVo products to drive additional intuitive search and navigation features.

Read more on the Roku/TiVo licensing deal after the jump:

TiVo’s investment in research and development has helped the company amass a large portfolio of media and entertainment patent portfolios, including extensive graphical user interface technologies.

TiVo said its IP “helps licensees build customized next-generation digital entertainment solutions for users around the globe.”

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Prior to the integration of TiVo into Rovi, the companies had individually maintained valuable IP licensing businesses and had been known to frequently file lawsuits against offenders, including an on-going lawsuit against Comcast for allegedly infringing 14 or its patents.

Roku just announced Tuesday that it was rolling out new firmware for its Roku players and integrated Roku TVs, bringing intuitive programming recommendations to viewers of Live programming from cable and satellite TV services and other sources.


By Greg Tarr


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