Samsung will continue to lead the world in revenue generated from advanced TV sales through 2025, according to forecasts released by research firm DSCC this week.

According to the firm’s Quarterly Advanced TV Shipments and Forecast, Samsung’s revenue from advanced TVs will grow by 5% from 2019 to 2025 to $22 billion.

This covers global premium TVs based on advanced television display technologies including: OLED (WOLED), quantum dot (QD, QLED, QDEF), Dual Cell LCD and MiniLED with 4K and 8K resolution. In addition, MicroLED and rollable OLED TV displays were added for the first time this quarter.

Thus far, the report only covers OLED TVs based on LG’s WRGB (White OLED) technology but makes allowances for forthcoming QD displays, which will include QD-OLEDs and quantum dot nano-emitting diode (QNED) models when they arrive. Rollable OLED displays are not yet available but expected soon but fit in the DSCC classification of TVs with screen sizes less than 100 inches. Larger displays, such as Samsung’s 146-inch The Wall direct-lit microLED displays are put in a different category of TV displays, DSCC said.

The report said second quarter 2020 advanced TV shipments were flat, quarter on quarter but grew 12% year on year to 2.2 million units. DSCC said the largest screen sizes registered the largest increases, with 75-inch advanced LCD TVs up 29% and 77-inch OLED TVs up 100% from the year ago period.

Unit shipments of advanced TVs under 49-inches using quantum dot enhancement film (QDEF), which first appeared in 2019, are growing rapidly from a low base, with 111% year on year growth in Q2.

Revenue for Q2 declined 20% year on year resulting from declining prices. As an example, 75-inch LCD models were down 12% while screen sizes larger than 75 inches dropped 15%. Revenue for 55-inch OLED TVs declined 38% in the first quarter, while 55-inch LCD TV revenue dropped 14% year to date through the second quarter.

Revenue from OLED TVs of all screen sizes and resolutions declined 29% year on year in the first quarter, as advanced LCD TV revenue declined 15%, DSCC found.

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The report said Samsung increased unit shipments by 52% year on year through Q2, with unit share of its QDEF-equipped models increasing unit share to 61% after lowering prices. At the same time, TCL and Hisense Advanced LCD TV shipments declined year on year, DSCC reported.

The report found the top three global OLED TV brands were: LG, Sony, and Panasonic, which all increased shipments year on year in the period, while OLED shipments (outside of North America) from TPV/Philips and Skyworth recorded shipment declines for the year.

The DSCC also said Samsung lowered QDEF price strategy leads the industry in Advanced TV revenue share at 54% in the first quarter, but that was lower than its unit share. LG, meanwhile, maintained its second-ranked postion in revenue share, regaining 5 share points in Q1, from its declining position in 2019. LG’s first quarter revenue share at 24% reflected a slight decrease from 25% in the first quarter of 2019. For a second year, Sony again ranked third in brand revenue at 8% share, which was down from a 9% share in the fourth quarter of 2019.

By region, Advanced TV shipments to Western Europe increased 38% year on year in the first quarter, as revenue increased 2% year on year. Unit shipments to North America increased 66% year on year and revenues increased 21 year on year, while unit shipments in China increased by 21% year on year as revenue declined 9%.

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By Greg Tarr

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