The cost to produce a hybrid Quantum Dot (QD) OLED TV panel, like those made by Samsung Display, is approximately 1.5x more than the cost of producing a similarly sized and configured white OLED, like those made by LG Display, according to report from Korean business news site The Elec, citing Omdia research.

The cost level disparity is comparable to the first half of last year, the report said.

Comparatively, prices of medium- or higher-density Mini-LED LCD panels that compete with OLEDs in the premium TV market are said to range between the cost of LG’s OLEDs and Samsung Display’s QD-OLED levels.

Omdia said the manufacturing cost of QD-OLED is estimated to be about $1,040 for a 65-inch 4K TV panel.

The price factors in the application of a so-called multi-model glass (MMG) method, which produces panels of different sizes from one 8.5-generation glass disc, fixed costs, and losses due to production yield, The Elec report said.

Omdia estimated the manufacturing cost of 65-inch 4K QD-OLED at $1,056 in the first half of last year.

The manufacturing cost of LG Display’s White-OLED technology with a similar specification, was said to be $680 for a 65-inch 4K panel.

The cost for Mini-LED LCD panels range from $411 to $991 based on a 4K 65-inch configuration, the report said. Price levels vary based on the number of Mini-LED chips used in the LCD’s backlight unit (BLU).

According to the report a panel with 1,000 Mini-LEDs applied was about $411, a medium-density product with 10,000 chips costs about $675, and a high-density product with 20,000 chips runs about $991 dollars.

Comparatively, the price of a Mini-LED LCD panel with 10,000 Mini-LEDs was about $675, which is roughly similar to the $680 cost to produce a similarly configured W-OLED.

The Mini-LED panel running $991 USD for for 20,000 Mini LEDs is roughly comparable to a QD-OLED with a cost of $1040. Raising the amount of Mini-LEDs in the LCD panel increases the accuracy of color expression, but adds to the emitted heat and energy consumption generated.

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The report said the current QD-OLED manufacturing cost is about $1040, but Omdia estimated the target cost to be $607. It did not say when that point is expected to be reached.

Omdia said the manufacturing cost of QD-OLED was $1,580 in 2021, which was the first year of mass production for the technology. This was reportedly reduced to about $1,040 in 2022 by applying the MMG production method and optimizing the structure.

The television manufacturing sister company to Samsung Display, Samsung Electronics, has stepped up its commitment to QD-OLED based TV technology considerably this year, which is expected to help further reduce the production cost of QD-OLED panels going forward.

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