Sharp LC-UQ17U 580

We asked Sharp Electronics a number of very specific questions regarding its new Q+ technology, which incorporates over 16 million sub-pixels compared with the 6.22 million found in traditional 1080p LCD sets.

On a related note, Sharp also just announced that it’s now shipping the less expensive SQ series sets which uses the same Q+ tech as the company’s UQ Series models.

SQ Series info plus a Q&A with Sharp on its new Q+ tech after the break.

Sharp SQ Series:

Sharp LC-60SQ15U (60-Inch) $2399.99 Retail Now $1891.42 Amazon direct

Sharp LC-70SQ15U (70-inch ) $3399.99 Retail  Now $2622.38 Amazon direct



Full HD / Built in Revelation Upscaler for HD Content / Able to play 4K content / 240Hz Panel 3D Ready (3D Glasses not included) / SmartCentral 3.0 / TV-Web Split Screen / Silver-Brushed Plastic Thin Bezel / Wallpaper Mode / 4 HDMI Inputs (4K Ready) and 2 USB Ports / Bluetooth Audio


Sharp’s UQ Series have all the SQ Series features and add:

THX Certification / Super Bright Technology / AquoMotion 960 with 240Hz Panel /Active 3D with Two Bluetooth 3D Glasses Supplied / Titanium-Brushed Solid Aluminum Bezel / 4 HDMI Inputs (4K Ready) and 2 USB Ports / 15W Subwoofer

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Q&A with Sharp regarding its new Q+ panels and models

Q: Your press release states that the new Q+ LCD panels have an effective horizontal resolution of up to 3840 pixels. Can you clarify this?

A: Q+ can render a single brightness tone in multiple ways. This allows Q+ to increase horizontal resolution with just four subpixels. Q+ subpixel areas are used independently to create separate color values. Content is intelligently scaled to take advantage of this additional resolution. As a result, Q+ TVs are able to take a 1920 x 1080 resolution screen and make an effective resolution ofup to 3840 x 2160.

Q: Is the Q+ LCD panel 8-bit or 10-bit (like Sharp’s native 4K LCD panel)?

A: Sharp’s AQUOS Q+ Series TVs use 10-bit panels (Sharp is the first LCD panel manufacturer to make this claim for its 2014 products—ed.)

Q: Any plans to upgrade the firmware on Q+ Series TVs with HEVC so the Netflix app on Sharp’s Smart Central 3.0 can decode 4K streams?

A: HEVC decoding is not included in Q+ models. Users will be able to stream 4K content via an external device that accepts HEVC decoding. Sharp is evaluating the consumer demand for HEVC decoding and will incorporate it into future models as appropriate.

Q: Will Q+ model review samples be available?

A: We expect to have review units within a few weeks. (HD Guru has requested a review sample, so readers stay tuned-ed.)


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