UPDATE Nov. 25, 2008-A Samsung spokesperson in an email claims the price drops listed in this article are incorrect. However, no correct “New” prices have been provided by Samsung. The “New” MAP prices have been removed pending updated MAP price information from Samsung.

The HD Guru has been checking on line prices for Samsung DLPs and has noted recent significant price reductions by etailers. For example, Vann’s is now offering the HL72A650 for $2099.98 including free shipping.

Despite all the ballyhoo about LCD and Plasma and the press’s willful neglect of the technology, DLP-based HDTVs offer bright, beautiful full 1080p HD resolution on bigger screens for thousands of dollars less than comparably sized flat screen LCD or plasma HDTV. DLP rear projectors, at about 15” depth, are not as flat as LCD or Plasmas. However, according to set makers, the vast majority of large flat panels sold are placed on table stands or in wall units, negating the depth advantage of flat screen designs.

According to industry sources, beginning this Sunday, November 23rd, 2008 Samsung will be slashing it retail (MAP) prices on its latest 2008 DLP rear projectors up to a whooping $600! If you check out reviews and do price comparisons at on-line shopping sites such as Pricegrabber (a “Check Prices” Pricegrabber link is conveniently located on the lower left hand side of this webpage) you should be able to grab one of these beauties with a discount of up to an additional 25% off.

There are two types of DLP rear projectors. One type uses a projection bulb typically lasting 3-5 thousand hours before it burns out, requiring replacement at a cost of under $200 on-line. The other type of DLP uses light emitting diodes (LEDs). The LEDs produce a very bright image, have wider color gamut than lamp driven projectors, and unlike lamps, they don’t fail during the lifetime of the HDTV! Here are the old and new MAP prices of Samsungs DLP rear projectors

Model/Size     Lamp/LED      New Price     Old Price
HL61A650/61”  Lamp                             $1599.99
HL61A750/61”  LED                               $1899.99
HL67A750/67”  LED                               $2399.99
HL72A650/72”  Lamp                             $2799.99

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