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Just Posted At HDGURU3D.com– Our 3D HDTV Primer (1/2/10)


(January 2, 2010) 2010 marks the beginning of the 3D home video era. While in many ways it is similar to the introduction of HDTV in late 1998-1999,  in others it’s quite different.

In 1998 and early 1999 TV makers introduced their first HDTVs. The set makers generally limited the initial offerings to one model per company. The changes needed to make a display high definition were huge, requiring modifications to picture tubes, far wider bandwidth circuitry, the incorporation of up-conversion technology and other expenses. Prices ranged from $9000 for a 34″ Sony direct view model to $10,000 for a Philips 64″ rear projector. Programming was limited to a handful of network shows in 1999 and most of 2000. The first full time HD channel, HD Net launched Sept 6, 2001.

The cost delta to enable 3D capability within a HDTV will be small, especially when compared to the standard to high definition switch. 3D requires a high refresh rate (generally 120 Hz for plasma and 240 Hz for LED and LCD), the display’s ability to send a sync signal to 3D glasses, and additional signal processing.

On to the predictions.

3D Full HDTV Prices Will Be Low

1. HG Guru predicts 3D ready versions of flat panels will sell for around the same as their 2D 2009 counterparts, with initial street prices beginning around $1299 for a 40″ 3D ready 240 Hz edge lit LED LCD. By comparison, a [amazonify]B001UHMV90::text:::: 2009 Samsung 40″ 120 Hz Edge Lit LED Samsung sells today on Amazon[/amazonify] for $1249.99.

Nearly 50 3D HDTVs To Be Available

2. HD Guru predicts vendors will offer multiple Full HD 3D models in their 2010 lines with an industry total of 40-50 different models using plasma, LCD, LED LCD, DLP and front projection by year’s end.

3D Programming and Content Will Arrive Quickly

3. 3D programming will arrive much faster in 2010 than HDTV did back in the late nineties and early 2000s with dozens of Blu-ray discs, Playstation 3D games, and a full time 3D DirecTV channel. HD Guru predicts one or more cable providers will have a 3D channel before the end of 2010. In addition to movies and games, 3D broadcasts of sporting events will commence.

Low Cost 3D Blu-ray Players

4. HD Guru predicts 3D Blu-ray players will be available from every 3D TV maker, priced about $100-$150 higher their 2D counterparts.

LED HDTVs To Get Local Dimming

5. New thin, edge lit LED LCD HDTVs will arrive from virtually all big screen LED TV makers. New designs will provide edge lit “local dimming” for the first time, for better blacks and better contrast, along with other picture enhancements.

Thin LED HDTVs in 60″ and Above Screen  Sizes

6. TV Vendors will begin to sell thin LED edge-lit models in 60″ and larger screen sizes.

3D Compatible Surround Sound Receivers

7.  All major audio companies will introduce 3D compatible surround sound receivers in 2010. Consumers will learn their pre-2010 models will not be able to handle HDMI 3D signals, requiring the use of external switching and legacy sound formats such as Dolby Digital (instead of  Dolby TrueHD) or the purchase of a new SS receiver.

Mobile Digital TV Arrives Within Portable Devices

8. Mobile Digital TVs will finally arrive with a number of 21st century Watchman-type products as well as inclusion within other screened portable devices.

Home 3D HDTV Will Succeed

9. 3D HDTV will be declared a success with faster consumer adoption than HDTV in year one.

Glasses Free 3D  Will Arrive

10. Our final prediction, a glasses-free Full HD 3D consumer computer monitor and/or laptop computer will be announced before year’s end, though it will be designed for a single viewer.

HD Guru Wishes Our Readers a Happy New Year

Just Posted At HDGURU3D.com– Our 3D HDTV Primer

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