Portrait Displays, developers of industry standard Calman display calibration solutions and advanced display controls, announced this week that it has aligned with the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers (SMPTE) behind a new Advisory Group and On-Set Virtual Production (OSVP) initiative.

The initiative was said to be the first project within SMPTE’s new Rapid Industry Solutions (RIS) program.

According to the announcement, SMPTE is assembling the advisory program in order to respond more quickly and effectively to emerging technology challenges in the content production world. Portrait Displays said it “backs the RIS program and SMPTE’s commitment to providing the tools, standards, and education about these emerging technologies.”

According to the program’s mission statement: “The key goal of the RIS OSVP Advisory Group is to establish interoperability, training, workflows, best practices, a unifying common language to smooth collaboration, and building on whichever formats the creative industry chooses to leverage. To identify and pursue these objectives, SMPTE underwent in-depth discussions with groups and individuals in all aspects of the OSVP pipeline to uncover several hurdles preventing many from deploying new content creation technologies.”

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“The success of the On-Set Virtual Production Initiative hinges upon the expertise and support of a wide range of technology and thought leaders,” stated Barbara Lange, executive director at SMPTE. “For this reason, SMPTE has established an Advisory Group drawing from emerging technology companies, traditional production users, manufacturers, educational institutions and professional organizations. We are so thankful to have the best minds in the industry to assess the challenges, establish our goals, and deliver a fast-track response.”

Portrait Displays explained that the Advisory Group will challenge SMPTE’s existing process to operate with a faster, more flexible technology review model outside the current standards framework, with all resulting technical work made open and free to the industry.

Portrait Displays said through its participation in the RIS OSVP Advisory Group, the company will “have a voice at that table to review, recommend, and help guide the outputs from the group on behalf of its constituents.”

“The SMPTE RIS OSVP initiative is an important step in normalizing the workflows for OSVP activities. This technology has been shown to save huge amounts of physical effort and money in the production of movies. These savings come in the areas of eliminating the need to move equipment and humans to remote locations and deal with ambient weather issues,” stated Tom Lianza, Vice President of Research & Development, Portrait Displays. “Portrait Displays’ Calman software and new Aurora Color Engine enables new calibration workflows for this developing technology.”

Portrait Displays also plans to assist SMPTE in producing training at all levels. Building on SMPTE’s longstanding expertise in technical education, Portrait Displays is eager to help develop unique offerings for general education, professional development, technology training, and business planning and scheduling with an emphasis on applicability to the real world.

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By Greg Tarr

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