For those who know the importance of having a television properly calibrated for brightness, gamma and color to fit the ambient viewing room conditions, Portrait Displays and major global SoC manufacturer MediaTek had exciting news at CES 2023.

The two companies announced the launch of “the world’s first premium smart TV chips with Calman Ready functionality” providing built-in pre-configured Calman Ready functionality, and greatly simplifying the avaiability and use of Calman AutoCal calibration.

This feature will be part of MediaTek’s new generation Pentonic smart TV chip family, including the Pentonic 2000 8K flagship chip, Pentonic 1000 4K flagship chip, and Pentonic 700 4K premium chip, all of which are available to TV manufacturers now, with the first smart TVs powered by MediaTek Pentonic with Calman Ready technology slated to arrive in the first quarter of 2023.

This means that supporting displays will help professional calibrators greatly speed up the calibration process while dialing in a highly accurate picture. In addition, consumer enthusiasts with the desire to perform their own calibration will be able to do so more easily with the Calman supporting software and a colorimeter. The test pattern generator normally required is built into the chip. Consumers can then purchase an affordable and easy-to-learn version of “Calman Home” software for their specific TV brand/model, or purchase an ultimate Calman for Business software solution for use with multiple display brands and models, if desired.

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All versions of the Calman Ready MediaTek Pentonic chips are now available for TV manufacturers, and the first supporting smart TVs are expected to become available in this quarter.

Among the brands announcing early support intent include: Sony, Hisense, Philips TPV (sold outside the U.S.) and others, Portrait Displays said.

Television sets, computer monitors and laptops incorporating the chip will have turnkey access to accurate an automated Calman display color calibration using supporting PC/Mac Calman software from Portrait Displays. The chip will work with multiple third party colorimeters and spectro-radiometers including Portrait Display’s basic C6-HDR colorimeter. Accuracy levels will improve in line with the capability of the selected meter.

The chip inside the display will generate the necessary test patterns and guide the automated picture settings adjustments through the software in a rapid, accurate way, the company said.

Portrait Displays also provides instructional videos on its web site and YouTube.

Home users will be able to more easily calibrate their own displays when ever desired without the need of expensive and time-consuming professional instructional seminars, like those offered by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) for professionals and others.

It also means display products carrying the chip will be ready for calibration out of the box, and not weeks or months after they arrive in stores, as has sometimes been the case previously.

Calman color calibration solutions are widely used by professional calibrators, videophiles, product reviewers and others to dial in the greatest level of brightness, gamma and color accuracy for the room lighting conditions, to help assure the closest match the device can produce to the vision of the content creator.

According to the joint announcement at CES 2023: “As pioneers in the industry, Portrait strives to preserve creative integrity by offering color-accurate calibration solutions, so viewers can enjoy content the way the artists intended. MediaTek’s multimedia expertise and industry leadership make them the perfect partner for Portrait’s mission to provide optimized and precise color solutions for Smart TVs around the world.”

“In addition to Sony’s integrated image processing algorithms, our strategic collaboration with Portrait Displays and MediaTek allows us to take the Smart TV visual experience to the next level. With accurate color calibration, customers can enjoy movies and TV shows precisely how they were meant to be viewed,” stated Yoshihiro Ono, Head of Home Entertainment Business Group of Sony Corporation.

“Philips TV’s legacy in innovative excellence has arrived at a breakthrough in picture quality. In collaborating with Portrait Displays and MediaTek, all Philips OLED TV series launched in 2023 will achieve an outstanding level of high-quality picture performance utilizing Calman Ready and MediaTek Pentonic 1000,” said Ken CM Liao, Senior Director of Global Product Management of the OBM BG at TPV Group.

Portrait Displays told HD Guru that as displays equipped with the new Pentonic chips arrive on products from participating brands, it plans to step-up promoting the importance and benefit of having a television, video display or monitor properly calibrated to the ambient viewing room conditions, while evangelizing “the democratization” of display calibration among enthusiasts with all levels of knowledge and ability.

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By Greg Tarr

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