Sound United’s Polk Audio introduced two updated classic speaker series — the Signature Elite Series and Monitor MX series — optimized for Hi-Res Audio and Dolby Atmos certification.

Polk said the the Signature Elite series was “designed to take maximum advantage of modern high resolution source material” by delivering enhanced articulation, excellent dynamics and low distortion at high output levels.”

The Polk Audio Signature Elite assortment includes three floor-standing tower speakers, two center channel speakers (slim, and full-sized), two bookshelf models and a wall-mountable surround speaker that can be used for height channels in an 3D immersive surround sound set-up.

Meanwhile, the company also announced its classic Monitor MX lineup was updated to help customers interested in building a home theater or Hi-Fi system that suits their budget and performance needs. The Monitor XT Series lineup includes two floor-standing towers, slim and full-size center channels, two bookshelf models, a 12-inch powered subwoofer and a height module for immersive surround sound. All models are finished in a midnight black cosmetic.

The company called its full-range Signature Series speakers equally adept at presenting music, video games, movies and TV programs.

All Signature Elite models feature a Polk industrial design available black, white-washed, or contemporary walnut finishes.

“We set out to take a great speaker line and make it even better” said Frank Sterns president of Polk Audio. “Signature Elite builds on the incredibly strong Signature platform and meticulously re-engineers it to maximize high-resolution audio capabilities as well as cinematic experiences for music and movie lovers alike.” Sterns added.

The speakers use advanced driver technology, including Dynamic Balance optimized, mica-fortified, polypropylene woofers and Terylene dome tweeters alongside newly developed precision crossover networks.

In developing the series, Polk said its engineers focused on re-evaluating and improving the cabinet bracing designs to further eliminate unwanted resonances.

All Signature Elite models feature Polk’s patented Power Port technology, which helps smooth air flow from the speaker’s down-firing bass port into the listening area. This reduces port noise for more detailed and extended bass response and a more open airy midrange than competitive designs, the company said.

The new updated Signature Elite design is also more sensitive than the previous Signature Series, making for a better match with a wide range of amplifiers and receivers — whether 4 or 8 ohms.

“All Signature Elite models are timbre-matched, Hi-Res Audio Certified, accessibly priced and built to exceed Polk’s rigorous quality-testing process. This ensures clear, enveloping presentation of audiophile recordings, gaming content or the latest Dolby Atmos or DTS:X surround soundtracks,” the company said.

For presentation of Hi-Res Audio sources, the new Signature Elite’s Terylene Dome Tweeter is said to deliver crystal-clear, detailed sound, extending to frequencies of 40kHz and beyond.

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The design was shaped to respond well to music streamed from Hi-Res Audio streaming music services such as Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music HD, Qobuz and Spotify HiFi. It’s also suited to most Ultra-HD movie soundtracks.

As the internal components go, Polk detailed the Signature Elite’s core elements including the following:

Custom Mica-Fortified Woofer: Mica-fortified polypropylene woofers provide clean, clear bass and detailed midrange. The butyl rubber surround, ceramic motor structure and high-temperature Conex fiber spider are used to create a driver offering “exceptionally high efficiency, lower distortion, enhanced linearity, and durability,” the company said.

Patented Power Port Technology: This proprietary design smoothly transitions the air flow from the speaker’s port into the listening area to eliminate turbulence and distortion for louder, deeper, more musical bass and a more open and transparent midrange. Power Port typically provides 3dB louder bass output than conventional ported loudspeakers.

Dynamic Balance Acoustic Array with Phase-Optimized Precision Crossovers: All Polk Signature Elite models use Dynamically Balanced driver designs which are optimized to reduce distortion at the extremes of excursion, resulting in greater impact and lower distortion when playing today’s high resolution source material. These new driver designs are mated to newly refined precision crossover networks to provide a seamless, lifelike soundstage with maximum dynamics for all modern sources.

Each of the Signature Elite loudspeakers feature stronger, more rigid and acoustically inert Medite MDF enclosures that were subjected to extensive laser vibrometer testing, and then carefully reinforced to ensure optimal bracing and critical damping. The resulting non-resonant construction reduces unwanted internal standing waves, minimizing audible coloration versus the previous Signature Elite. Removable, magnetic anti-diffraction grilles round out the offering to ensure listeners only hear the source material, not the speaker cabinet.

The Polk Audio Signature Elite Series models are available at authorized Polk Audio dealers now at the following suggested retail prices:

• ES10 Surround/Height Module – $249 Per Pair
• ES15 Compact Bookshelf – $299 Per Pair
• ES20 Bookshelf – $399 Per Pair
• ES30 Center Channel – $299 Each
• ES35 Center Channel (slim) – $399 Each
• ES50 Tower – $349 Each
• ES55 Tower – $449 Each
• ES60 Tower – $549 Each

Meanwhile, like the Signature Elite lineup, all Monitor XT Series speakers are timbre-matched to provide consistent sound, making it simple to mix and match models to create a dream home theater or Hi-Fi system. Monitor XT loudspeakers are designed to support both 4 and 8 ohm amps and receivers equally well.

Monitor XT loudspeakers feature Hi-Res Audio Certified Terylene dome tweeters that reproduce audio signals beyond 40kHz. These advanced tweeters deliver a wide sense of space and extreme clarity. The new line also delivers authoritative bass performance using Dynamically Balanced woofers paired with responsive passive radiators (in the floor-standing models).

These drivers, in combination with their advanced crossover networks provide fine detail, lifelike midrange and punchy tonal delivery with ultra-low distortion, the company said.

The lineup includes MXT90 height channel speakers to reproduce Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro 3D content. Polk said this adds a dramatic vertical dimension to the sound field when playing back content of object-oriented audio formats. when placed atop the Monitor XT20, XT60 or XT70 loudspeakers or a shelf, or when wall-mounted to create the ultimate 3D home cinema.

The Monitor XT12 powered subwoofer adds solid punch for impactful music, movies and video games from a 12-inch long-throw, Dynamically Balanced woofer powered by an efficient 100-Watt Class A/B amplifier for deep bass down to 24Hz. The XT12 offers line-level (RCA) and LFE inputs and is compatible with the latest Dolby Atmos and DTS:X enabled AV receivers. Users can fine-tune the performance using the variable crossover, polarity and volume adjustments.

The Monitor XT12 features a rigid, low-resonance cabinet and includes an attractive, removable grille.

Monitor XT Series are currently available through and at authorized Polk dealers at the following prices:

• XT12 Powered Subwoofer – $299 Each
• XT15 Bookshelf – $149 Per Pair
• XT20 Bookshelf – $249 Per Pair
• XT30 Center Channel – $149 Each
• XT35 Center Channel (slim) – $249 Each
• XT60 Tower – $199 Each
• XT70 Tower – $299 Each
• XT90 Height Channel – $149 Per Pair

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By Greg Tarr

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